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Watch: Komodo Dragon Swallows Baby Goat In Seconds

Komodo Dragon approaching goat, credit: Youtube Channel
Komodo Dragon approaching goat, credit: Youtube Channel

Komodo Dragons tend to eat their prey whole, often after first injuring their prey so that it’s unable to run away.

In this article we compare the predator – the Komodo dragon, and the prey – goat.

Comparison of Goats and Komodo Dragons

Komodo Dragon
Komodo dragon (Varanus komodoensis), the largest living lizard in the world. Image via Depositphotos

We listed below the most striking differences between goats and Komodo Dragon, between prey and predator.

FeatureGoatsKomodo Dragons
SizeHeight: 17-42 inchesLength: Up to 10 feet
Weight44-310 poundsUp to 200 pounds
HabitatDomesticated, farms, mountainsIndonesian islands
BehaviorSocial, live in herdsSolitary, apex predators
Survival Rates of Goats*Lower in habitats shared with Komodo dragonsN/A
Conservation StatusNot endangeredVulnerable

Deadly Saliva of the Komodo Dragon

Once the Komodo dragon bites, its venomous saliva, teeming with bacteria, begins its work. This saliva is not just toxic; it prevents blood clotting, ensuring the prey’s swift demise.

Komodo Dragon
Komodo Dragon. Image via Depositphotos

How The Swallow Komodo Dragon Swallows The Goat

The dragon’s flexible jaws engulf the goat whole. This remarkable ability to swallow large prey whole is a key survival trait, allowing it to consume enough food to last weeks.

Two Komodo Dragon in nature.
Komodo Dragon with its tongue out. Image via Depositphotos

Escape Tactics Of Goats

goat on an island of Socotra in Yemen by DepostPhotos
Friendly goat on an island of Socotra in Yemen. Image via Depositphotos

Goats, when aware, can be quite agile. They escape predators by utilizing their speed and remarkable agility to navigate steep and rocky terrains, often out of reach of slower predators like the Komodo dragon.

The Cycle of Life Continues

The event underscores the harsh realities of nature. For the Komodo dragon, it’s survival. For the goat, it’s a reminder of the constant vigilance needed. Life and death on the island are intertwined in an eternal dance.

Komodo Dragon in nature.
Two Komodo Dragon in nature. Image via Deposit Photos

Watch the Video

YouTube video
Credit to the YouTube Channel @Monsterwildlife

If you would like to read more about Komodo Dragons and how they eat, head to this article in which a Komodo Dragon got shocked by an eel, or you can explore our dedicated monitor lizard page.

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