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Leopard Catches Domestic Dog – but he Escapes!

Leopard Catches Domestic Dog
Image via MistervalTV

Dogs and cats famously don’t get along. This time, a dog outsmarted a leopard to save themself from being eaten! Read along to watch the video!

Leopard Catches Dog

Leopards typically drag their kills up trees so as to not be bothered by other animals while they eat. It was no different for the leopard in this video, except, they didn’t quite get the “kill” part right this time. The leopard dragged ta small, mixed-breed dog up to a branch and proceeded to position its limp body nicely on the branch.

leopard in tree
A leopard will often climb a tree when they feels threatened. Image via Giles Laurent, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

When in Doubt – Play Dead

This dog, called a stray by the narrator in the video, clearly has some incredible survival instincts. The dog allowed themself to go limp and held off fighting back against the leopard – something dog owners will know is not an easy impulse to control.

The dog didn’t have much chance, they had to seize whatever moment they could. The leopard became momentarily distracted while scanning the area, and the pup gambled an escape!

The Full Video

YouTube video
“Leopard catches a domestic dog” via MistervalTV

Why Was the Doggy There?

It’s unusual for a domestic dog to find itself in such a precarious situation with a wild leopard. They may have wandered too far from home, or maybe they didn’t have a home and found the wilderness as good a home as any. Hopefully they found a safer spot, or a good human.

What do you think happened to the dog after their miraculous escape?

Another Tip to Keep your Doggy Save

YouTube video
“These foods can KILL your dog,” Source: YouTube, Uploaded Animals Around The Globe

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