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Man Grab Coyote by the Tail to Save his Dog in South Carolina

Man Grab Coyote by Tail
Image via the Insider Edition

Let’s watch the dramatic moment a South Carolina man saves his dog as he grabs a coyote by the tail.

A Dog, A Coyote & A Brave Man

In this encounter in South Carolina, Timothy Snipe acted heroically to save his small chihuahua, Roxie, from a dangerous confrontation with a coyote. 

While enjoying time in their yard, Roxie unexpectedly sprinted towards the coyote.

Knowing the stakes, Snipe didn’t hesitate to step in.

He faced the wild animal directly to protect his beloved pet. 

His quick thinking and bravery ensured Roxie’s safety from what could have been a deadly attack.

Grabbing Your Problem by the Tail

The confrontation reached a dramatic finish when Snipe managed to grab the coyote by the tail.

In an improvised yet effective move, after this he kept the coyote in a trash can. 

Animal Control to the Rescue

Following the tense encounter, animal control was called to the scene to handle the situation safely and professionally. 

They arrived to take the coyote away. Thus ensuring it was dealt with in a manner that protected both the local residents and the animal itself. 

This incident underscores the importance of animal control officers in managing wildlife encounters. They provide a necessary service to the community by maintaining the balance between human and animal populations.

The Video

“Man grabs coyote’s tail to save beloved dog’s life” via Inside Edition

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