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Lion Cub Attacks Screaming Toddler on Live TV

Lion Cub Attacks Screaming Toddler

In a chilling incident that serves as a stark reminder of the unpredictable nature of wild animals, a lion cub attacks a screaming toddler during a live television broadcast. While the event occurred years ago, it remains relevant today, emphasizing the inherent dangers of wild animals, regardless of their age or size.

Lion Cub Attacks Screaming Toddler
Photo: Con Sello de Muje

A Terrifying Turn on Live TV 

The scene unfolded on the former Mexican “Con Sello de Muje” program in 2007. As the show progressed, a seemingly calm lion cub, present in the studio, suddenly lunged at a toddler. The child’s piercing screams filled the air, echoing the sheer terror of the moment. The video capturing this horrifying event has since made its rounds online, being viewed by millions.

Immediate Response 

As the toddler screamed in fear, the cub’s trainers quickly intervened. With swift and decisive action, they managed to pull the animal off the child. A sigh of relief swept through the studio, but the harrowing experience left an indelible mark on all present.

The Video

YouTube video
Youtube / Con Sello de Mujer

A Relevant Reminder 

Though this incident is over a decade old, its relevance cannot be understated. It underscores that wild animals can be unpredictable, no matter how young or seemingly docile. Their instincts can kick in at times, leading to potentially dangerous situations. It’s a cautionary tale highlighting the importance of respecting wild animals and recognizing their potential risks.


In conclusion, the incident on “Con Sello de Mujer” is a powerful reminder of the boundaries between humans and wild animals. While they may be captivating and endearing, wild animals are not pets and should be treated with the utmost caution. This story, though old, remains a pertinent lesson for all, emphasizing the need for safety and awareness when interacting with the wild.

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