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15-year-old Lion Feels Grass for the First Time

Lion Feels Grass for the First Time

In a heartwarming tale of resilience and hope, Reuben, a 15-year-old lion, experienced the feel of grass beneath his paws for the first time. His journey from captivity to freedom is a testament to the indomitable spirit of animals and the kindness of those dedicated to their welfare.

 Lion Feels Grass for the First Time

Reuben’s Lonely Past

Born in a private zoo in Armenia, Reuben’s early life consisted of isolation and neglect. All the animals found new homes when the zoo closed its doors, except for Reuben. He was confined to a barren enclosure of concrete and bars for over five years. His only interaction was with occasional visitors who fed him through the bars. The absence of fellow lions took a toll on Reuben’s spirit. Lions are social animals; their roars can travel up to six miles. But when Reuben roared, there was no answering call. Over time, he stopped roaring altogether.

A New Beginning

The ADI Wildlife Sanctuary in Africa came to Reuben’s rescue. With the help of generous donors and Qatar Airlines cargo, a plan was set in motion to transport Reuben to his new home. The journey was long, spanning 15 hours, but the team ensured Reuben’s comfort. His crate was painted white to reflect the sun, and the inside was sprayed with calming lavender and feline hormones.

First Steps to Freedom

The most magical moment came when Reuben stepped out of his crate onto the African soil. The sensation of grass under his feet, the sun overhead, and the sight of birds flying above was all new to him. He relished every moment, feeling the wind rustle through his mane and basking in his newfound freedom.

Life at the Sanctuary

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Reuben’s transformation was evident when he arrived at the ADI Wildlife Sanctuary. The anxious lion from Armenia became more relaxed and content in his new surroundings. He showed interest in toys, perhaps his first, and curiously watched his neighbors, and other rescued lions.

While Reuben’s age and health condition mean he cannot be released into the wild, the sanctuary provides a safe and nurturing environment. The team hopes to find a suitable companion for him in the future, ensuring he never feels lonely again.

A Testament to Resilience

Reuben’s story is a powerful reminder of the resilience of animals. Despite years of neglect and isolation, his love for life remained intact. It also underscores the importance of sanctuaries and their role in rehabilitating animals who have suffered at the hands of humans.

In Conclusion

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Reuben’s journey from captivity to freedom is a beacon of hope. It showcases the difference that love, care, and a dedicated team can make in an animal’s life. As Reuben enjoys his days at the sanctuary, he stands as a symbol of hope and resilience, urging us to do our part in ensuring a better future for all animals.

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Colleen Anderson

Sunday 24th of September 2023

Please do for all other animals that need rescuing as was done for Reuben...

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