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Lion Mother is Reunited with her Lost Cubs

Two lion cubs lie in long grass.
Two lion cubs lie in long grass. Image by nicholas_dale via Depositphotos

A wildlife guide found a lioness on her own looking for her cubs. They knew she had cubs because of the suckle marks on her underbelly. Rangers saw that she was looking for her cubs; she made low-frequency contact calls. She walked around with urgency without even looking at the herd of the wildebeest. She was on a mission to find her babies.

Video: “Heart-warming Reunion Between Lost Cubs and Mother”, Source: “YouTube”, Uploaded: “Latest Sightings”

Both the lioness’s mom and the rangers grew anxious that she might be unable to find her cubs! Eventually, you see one tiny cub bobbing out from the thick grass. The cubs run to their mom, eager to get their much-needed milk. After giving the cubs a good, loving lick, she rolls over to let the cubs drink.

Slim Odds of Survival

Lion cubs in a morning light at Amboseli
Lion cubs in a morning light at Amboseli, Kenya. Image by RealityImages via Depositphotos

The mother’s visible anxiety is not in vain. Mortality rates in cubs are between 50-80%. They usually have a 1 in 5 chance of survival. The leading causes of death are abandonment, violence by adult lions, predation, and starvation.

MalaMala Game Reserve

Adorable lion cubs with mom.
Adorable lion cubs with mom. Image by EcoPic via Depositphotos

The video was taken in MalaMala game reserve. This game reserve is one of the largest private Big Five game reserves in South Africa. It shares an unfenced boundary to the famous Kruger National Park. This beautiful region aims to help conserve wildlife.


9 lion cubs alongside two females.
9 lion cubs alongside two females. Image by KirillDorofeev via Depositphotos

One really sympathizes with the lioness mother who is trying to find her cubs. You can see the emotional rollercoaster she goes through. Both the mother and cubs seem so happy to find one another. This once in a lifetime sighting is one which I’m sure will stay with the rangers for a very long time.

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