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Watch Rare Footage: Two Lynxes Yelling At Each Other

two lynxes
Illustration by Amy King with Mid Journey

How often do you catch two lynxes yelling at one another?

Storyful on Youtube

Some people are lucky enough to witness wildlife in its raw and unfiltered form. Nicole Lewis was one such person, having been the person who recorded this footage. She was on a routine drive near Avery Lake, bordering Ontario, Canada, and Michigan in the United States. She stumbled upon an extraordinary wildlife incident that amazed and captivated her. 

This article narrates how Lewis found herself amid a territorial dispute between two lynxes

The Unusual Encounter

iberian lynx
Photo by Kenny Goossen on Unsplash

As Nicole Lewis drove along the serene road near Avery Lake, her attention was abruptly captured by an unexpected sight. Two lynxes were engaged in what appeared to be a heated territorial dispute. Little known to the people, these beautiful wild animals are spotted rarely in Michigan. Still, they are quite common in Ontario’s Dinorwic Region, close to where these two were spotted by Lewis.

You will find this interaction shocking if you know anything about lynxes -these adorable-looking animals solitary in nature. 

Vocal Showdown Between Lynxes

Photo by No-longer-here on Pixabay

Two lynxes were having a wild argument, yelling at each other in the great outdoors. Their screams echoed through the woods like a nature concert. It seemed like they were disagreeing about who owned what space. What’s cool is they sounded like they practiced together, making it oddly funny for anyone watching. The syncing pitches confirmed none of them would take a step back. 

Clawed Drama Unfolds

Photo by HE1958 on Pixabay

The tension peaked as the lynxes launched attacks with their claws in a bizarre yet fascinating display. Despite the aggression, neither lynx physically harmed the other, leaving viewers puzzled about the true nature of their interaction. The claws were brandished in a display of dominance, an instinctual behavior that shed light on the territorial intricacies within the lynx community.

More About Lynx Personality 

Photo by Dusan Veverkolog on Unsplash

Lynxes are like the detectives of the animal world – super curious, love their alone time, and treasure their personal space. They enjoy figuring things out and gathering info like folks with Enneagram Type Five personalities.

Moreover, lynxes are night owls and stay hushed except when it’s time for romance. They prefer a solitary lifestyle.

Fun Comments Under The Video 

Lynx kitten. Photo by Bernard Landgraf.

The video is amazing, and the comments section has great interpretations that make this even more entertaining. If you actually see the video, the argument between the two feels like the left one is basing the arguments on some actual scientific journals and not just some pseudo-science. In fact, to a certain extent, these lynxes sound like humans pretending to be cats.

Not gonna lie; it sounds like two drunk people fighting over the last bottle of whatever’s making them drunk.


The lynx encounter serves as a testament to the unpredictability and richness of nature, where every moment holds the potential for discovery and awe. As the two lynxes continued their vocal and clawed dance by the roadside, Nicole Lewis’s camera captured a brief yet mesmerizing chapter in the untold story of the wild.

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