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Man Has A Bad Day At The Zoo

More details Adult male lion of the Okondeka pride stretching in Etosha National Park.
More details Adult male lion of the Okondeka pride stretching in Etosha National Park. By Yathin S Krishnappa - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

This article narrates the bizarre incident at the Taipei Taiwan Zoo where a man has a bad day at the zoo. Let us walk you through how a 46-year-old man landed in a lion exhibit.

Daring Descent

lion at zoo
Image credit: ragesoss

The situation began when Zhang Ho Chan landed into the lion’s den. This caught the attention of zoo visitors and staff. A zoologist, named Jansang Manansang, witnessed the surreal event. He described the incident as “amazing,” while watching the unfolding drama. 

Matador Moves

Undeterred by the danger, Chan removed his jacket and waved it. It appeared as a matador-like stance. The male lion, weighing 300 pounds, responded by knocking the jacket out of Chan’s hand.

Repeated Encounter

Lion in a zoo enclosure
Image credit: ragesoss

Remarkably, Chan did not attempt to escape even after the initial encounter. The male lion swiped at him once again. Despite being bitten, Chan remained standing.

Zoo’s Response  

As panic set in among zoo officials and spectators, the decision was made to tranquilize the lions. However, concerns arose about Chan’s unpredictable behavior. They thought of tranquilizing him, too. However, officials weren’t sure of the proper way for humans. Thus, they dropped the idea. 

High-Pressure Hose Standoff

lion roaring at zoo exhibit
Image credit: Jeff Buck

In a tense moment, officials attempted to deter the lions using a high-pressure water hose. However, it worked temporarily, and officials looked for alternatives. 

Using Blow Darts

Using blow darts, the zoo personnel managed to tranquilize the male lion, redirecting it back into its enclosure. However, the female lion, still agitated, made a another move towards Chan. Quick thinking with the high-pressure hose thwarted the next encounter.

Tense Negotiation

lion in cage at zoo
Image credit: Hatem Moushir

Amid the tension, officers engaged in a delicate negotiation with Chan. They urged him to exit the lion’s den safely. Eventually, Chan complied, limping towards the service entrance.

Recovery and Redemption

lion at warsaw zoo
Image credit: Przemek Pietrak

Chan expressed gratitude for the rescue that marked the turning point in his life. The episode catalyzed positive change in Chan’s life, leading him to a new lease on life. 


The incident at the Taipei Taiwan Zoo is a testament to the unpredictable nature of human behaviour. We saw how zoo officials’ swift and strategic response saved the day. 

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