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Expert Insight of Recent Video: Black Rock Lion Attacking Buffalo

Black Rock Lion Taking Down Buffalo
Photo: Nick Dale Photography
Youtube / Maasai Sightings

A recent video from the Mara Triangle Conservancy in Masai Mara captures a remarkable event: the Black Rock male lion, Lorkulup, and his pride attacking a buffalo. This instance provides a unique insight into lion behavior, particularly the role of male lions in hunting.

Male Lions and Hunting Dynamics

Contrary to popular belief, male lions participate in hunts, especially when the prey is large or poses a significant threat. In this video, Lorkulup’s involvement is a classic example of this behavior. Male lions can be crucial in subduing larger prey like buffalo due to their size and strength.

Lorkulup’s Role in the Hunt

The video pf the Black Rock Lion;Lorkulup attacking Buffalo playing a pivotal role in the hunt. While female lions are typically the primary hunters of the pride, the male’s intervention was likely due to the buffalo’s size and the potential risk it posed. His contribution underscores the cooperative nature of lion pride when facing challenging hunts.

Strategic Hunting Approach

The strategy employed by Lorkulup and his pride demonstrates a high level of coordination and skill. Male lions typically conserve their energy to defend the pride and territory, stepping into hunts when their sheer power and size give the pride a significant advantage, as seen in this remarkable footage.


This video from the Mara Triangle Conservancy provides an excellent example of the complex and varied roles within a lion pride. This particularly highlights male lions’ occasional yet vital participation in hunting. Lorkulup’s involvement in attacking the buffalo is a testament to the adaptive and cooperative hunting strategies of lions in the wild.

Thank you for following along this expert insight of the Black Rock Lion attacking Buffalo. I hope you enjoyed it.

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