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Watch: King Snake Vs Rattlesnake in Georgia

Kingsnakes are opportunistic predators with a diverse diet, including rodents, birds, eggs, and other snakes. Image by Thomas Evans via Unsplash

Incredible footage was captured of a king snake encountering a rattlesnake in Georgia, USA. Here we dive into the gripping world of snake-on-snake combat and compare these two predators.

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Introduction to King snakes and Rattlesnakes

AspectKing snakeRattlesnake
SizeTypically 3–4 ft longVaries greatly, some over 6 ft long
OriginNorth and Central AmericaThroughout the Americas
Background InfoImmune to snake venomHave rattling tails
Physical CharacteristicsChain-link fence-like pattern on the backTriangular-shaped head, segmented rattles on the tail
DietRodents, birds, and other snakesSmall mammals and birds
LifespanUp to 20 years in captivityTypically 10–25 years

Kingsnake: The Mighty Constrictor

Scarlet king snake
Scarlet King Snake. image via Peter Paplanus from St. Louis, Missouri, CC BY 2.0 https://creativecom, via Wikimedia Commons

The king snake can infamously overpower and consume venomous snakes, including rattlesnakes. King snakes use their speed and strength to seize their prey and tightly constrict the the creature for its next meal.

Incredibly, king snakes can devour snakes even longer than themselves once they’ve been squeezed to death.


Rattle snake
Mojave rattlesnake. Image by Pixabay via Pexels

Contrary to popular belief, rattlesnakes are not indiscriminate killers; instead, they play a crucial role in maintaining ecological balance in their habitats by controlling populations of rodents, which can easily become pests that harbor diseases.

However, when a rattlesnake is confronted by a king snake, even they stand little chance of survival.

Nature’s Intricate Web

Lampropeltis Mexicana king snake
Mexican king snake. Image Via Chmee2, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

This spectacle of snake-on-snake combat is a fantastic example of the struggle for survival in the animal kingdom. All animals should be able to adapt – eat or get eaten.

Wrapping Up

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