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Mischievous Labrador Just Wants To Swim

labrador jump pool swim
Buster the labrador loves the swimming pool. Image by Buster's World via TikTok

Parents often have to deal with their children misbehaving. Well, sometimes the child that’s misbehaving is your senior labrador, and nothing you do can stop him from realizing his dream of becoming a mermaid.

Buster Henry

Buster the labrador has gained a following of over 1 million on TikTok with his adorable but mischievous antics. He’s a senior dog who proves you don’t need to be young to have fun! 

Buster is clearly the older sibling – for one he instigates his brother Scooby to follow along with the mischief, and two he’s the only one getting in trouble for disobeying mom. You can tell his human mom is getting frustrated when she uses his full name, “Buster Henry!” 


“When you have dinner reservations but can’t get your lab out the pool,” Source: TikTok, Uploaded: Buster’s World

“Be a good boy … for once in your life!” Buster will behave – but only when dad comes home.

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