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Pet of the Month: Chester the German Shepherd

Chester Pet of the Month
Image by Sean Brown

Our Facebook community is filled with animal fanatics and paw-rents. Amongst all the pets that were introduced to us one doggo in particular stood out to us and has been dubbed the pet of the month: Chester the German Shepherd.

Sean is the proud owner of this loving dog. Chester and Sean’s paths crossed in a somewhat unusual way, here’s their story:

Sean’s friend lives in a nearby town where they have a law that limits the number of dogs each household can have. It so happened that Chester was the dog that brought them over this limit and he sadly had to be given away. This is when Sean opened up both his heart and home and took Chester in when he was just over a year old (a seemingly life-changing decision for both Sean and Chester).

Since then, this duo has become joined at the hip.

Chester Pet of the Month
Image by Sean Brown

Initially, Sean brought Chester on his rides for work so that they could get to know each other – and boy did they form a bond. Now Chester isn’t only his riding partner, he has also proved to be a fantastic camping partner and yard work buddy.

Being a German Shepherd, Chester is a pretty big dog – he clocks 92 pounds on the scale and is just as tall as his dad when standing on his hind legs.

In Sean’s own words, he’s “a giant, loveable goober”- and we all need a loveable goober in our lives.

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