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Moldovan President’s Dog Bites Austrian President

president's dog

In an unexpected and somewhat humorous turn of events, the diplomatic scene at the Moldovan presidential residence took an unusual twist. President Maia Sandu’s rescue dog, Codrut, decided to make headlines. This happened by biting the hand of visiting Austrian President Alexander Van der Bellen.

A barking mad incident

The incident unfolded on a casual stroll through the courtyard of the Moldovan presidential residence in Chișinău, where President Van der Bellen attempted to pet Codrut. Moldovan media reported that the rescue dog, named Codrut, meaning “small forest,” reacted unexpectedly, biting the Austrian president’s hand.

In response to the canine commotion, President Sandu promptly apologized in English, explaining that Codrut had become frightened due to the large number of people present. The incident left Van der Bellen with a bandaged hand. A visible memento of his encounter with the enthusiastic four-legged resident of the Moldovan presidential abode.

The video:

In a light-hearted video posted on Instagram the following day, President Van der Bellen showcased his understanding of the situation, expressing sympathy for Codrut’s excitement. “Everyone who knows me knows I’m a big dog lover and can understand his excitement,” he wrote, emphasizing that despite the unexpected incident, his meetings with President Sandu and other Moldovan officials had been “very good.”

Notably, Van der Bellen even shared a charming detail about his diplomatic gift to Codrut. A small toy was presented on the last day of his visit. This is perhaps as a token of goodwill after their unexpected introduction.

The diplomatic talks in Chișinău, attended by Van der Bellen and the president of Slovenia, Nataša Pirc Musar, were centered around Moldova’s aspirations to join the European Union. The incident, though unplanned, added a touch of light-heartedness to the serious discussions about Moldova’s future within the EU.

President Sandu took to social media to share pictures of her furry friend alongside the two visiting presidents. She rescued Codrut after the dog was hit by a car. This event showcases the lighter side of international relations and the unpredictable nature of canine encounters in the world of politics.

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