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Wild Monkey Meditates with Monks in Thailand

Monkey Meditates with Monks
Image via USA TODAY

Let’s watch this video where a wild monkey meditates with monks in Thailand!

The Meditating Monkey

In this temple in Thailand, has decided to find Zen and joined a group of monks in meditation. 

The monkey sat among the monks with its eyes closed and body still, mimicking their meditative posture. 

This unusual sight shows us how meditation and calmness will attract all of nature’s wonders.

The Video

“this wild monkey calmy meditates with monks in Thailand” via USA Today

Animals Finding Zen

The image of a meditating monkey amongst monks beautifully illustrates how animals can engage in peaceful, Zen-like behaviors. 

Animals often seek and enjoy environments that offer safety and quiet. 

Which is similar to the calmness humans might seek through meditation. 

Fun Fact

Interestingly, studies have suggested that animals can respond positively to the calming effects of meditation practices. 

For instance, pets have been observed to show decreased signs of stress when in the presence of owners who regularly engage in meditation. 

This not only improves the welfare of the animals but also fosters a stronger bond between pets and their owners.

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