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Most Popular Dog Breed In Each US State

the chihuahua from legally blonde
Chiahuahuas are the most popular dog breed in the United States Image by Zachary Casler via Unsplash

Exploring the diverse landscape of the United States reveals not only geographical wonders but also a rich tapestry of dog breeds adored by residents in each state. From the bustling streets of New York to the tranquil plains of Wyoming, canines of various shapes, sizes, and temperaments hold a special place in the hearts of Americans. In this article, we embark on a journey to uncover the most beloved dog breeds across the nation, with a spotlight on the top contenders: the mighty Chihuahua and the lovable Golden Retriever.

golden retrievers
Golden Retrievers take second place in the list of number of states that chose them as their most popular dog. Image by Ansonde via
StateDog Breed
AlaskaGerman Shepherd
CaliforniaFrench Bulldog
ColoradoGolden Retriever
ConnecticutGolden Retriever
DelawareGerman Shepherd
FloridaFrench Bulldog
HawaiiFrench Bulldog
IllinoisGolden Retriever
IowaShih Tzu
MaineGolden Retriever
MarylandYorkshire Terrier
MassachusettsGolden Retriever
MichiganGolden Retriever
MinnesotaGolden Retriever
MontanaGerman Shepherd
NebraskaGolden Retriever
New HampshireGolden Retriever
New JerseyShih Tzu
New MexicoChihuahua
New YorkShih Tzu
North CarolinaChihuahua
North DakotaGolden Retriever
OhioGolden Retriever
PennsylvaniaGerman Shepherd
Rhode IslandShih Tzu
South CarolinaChihuahua
South DakotaChihuahua
VermontGolden Retriever
VirginiaGolden Retriever
Washington, DCYorkshire Terrier
West VirginiaChihuahua
WisconsinGolden Retriever
WyomingGerman Shepherd
german shepherd
German Shepherds are widely loved by Americans and represent three per cent of every state’s dog population. Image by Kelly via Pexels
Dog BreedCount
Golden Retriever16
German Shepherd5
Shih Tzu5
French Bulldog3
Yorkshire Terrier2

Chihuahua: The Mighty Pocket-Sized Companion

Taking the crown as the most popular dog breed in a whopping 21 states. Evidently, the Chihuahua proves that dynamite truly comes in small packages. Renowned for their feisty personalities and unwavering loyalty, these pint-sized pooches capture the hearts of dog enthusiasts across America. Standing at just 5 to 8 inches tall and weighing between 2 to 6 pounds. Chihuahuas are the epitome of compact cuteness. Despite their diminutive stature, they possess a fearless demeanor, often displaying a larger-than-life attitude. When it comes to diet, Chihuahuas thrive on high-quality, small-breed-specific food to meet their energy needs. Daily walks and interactive play sessions suffice for their exercise requirements, making them suitable companions for apartment dwellers and busy families alike. However, their small size demands extra care to protect them from accidental injuries, necessitating supervision in bustling environments.

Let’s delve deeper into the specifics of caring for these spirited canines:

Size5-8 inches
Weight2-6 pounds
BehaviorFearless, loyal
DietSmall-breed specific
Exercise NeedsDaily walks, play
Level of CareHigh

Golden Retriever: The Gentle Giant

Closely trailing behind the Chihuahua as the second most popular dog breed across 16 states is the beloved Golden Retriever. With their affable nature and boundless enthusiasm, these majestic canines embody the quintessential family pet. Sporting a luxurious golden coat and an endearing smile, Golden Retrievers exude charm wherever they go. Typically standing between 21 to 24 inches tall and weighing 55 to 75 pounds. Evidently, these gentle giants are renowned for their friendly disposition and unwavering loyalty. In terms of diet, a balanced meal plan comprising high-quality dog food rich in protein and nutrients ensures their optimal health. Golden Retrievers thrive on regular exercise, requiring daily walks, interactive games, and ample outdoor playtime. This is to keep both their bodies and minds stimulated. While they are relatively low-maintenance in terms of grooming, regular brushing helps keep their magnificent coats in pristine condition.

Let’s explore the essential details of caring for these lovable companions:

AspectGolden Retriever
Size21-24 inches
Weight55-75 pounds
BehaviorFriendly, loyal
DietHigh-quality, balanced
Exercise NeedsDaily walks, play
Level of CareModerate


In a nation where diversity reigns supreme, the choice of a favorite dog breed varies substantially. From the spunky Chihuahua to the gentle Golden Retriever, each breed brings its own unique charm and qualities to the table. Thus, enriching the lives of their human companions in immeasurable ways. Whether you find yourself drawn to the compact charisma of the Chihuahua or the heartwarming affection of the Golden Retriever. The bond between humans and their canine companions knows no bounds, transcending geographical boundaries and cultural differences. So, whether you’re embarking on adventures in the great outdoors or simply snuggled up on the couch, rest assured that your furry friend will be by your side. Furthermore, bringing joy, companionship, and unwavering loyalty every step of the way.

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