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My Rare Encounter With A Diamond Ray

diamond ray
Image by Jen Fitschen

Have you ever come across a rare diamond ray? If yes, then you truly know the beauty of this camouflaged giant. If not, come along and join me in my journey to learn more!

The Dark Of The Night

Last minute I decided to join a friend for a night dive at a familiar beach where we often go enjoy what the ocean has to offer. On this particular night, it was pretty cold outside, it had started to drizzle and we were so excited to jump in the water!

Cruising Around the Underworld

Once in the ocean, we started looking around for any nocturnal animals of interest. When we happened to come across a very well hidden gem – a rare diamond ray!

The Camouflage King

The big guy was so well camouflaged, I just swam right over him – completely went by unnoticed! They are the same colour as the sand they lie on. Additionally, they also kicked up sand which settles on top of them, so they truly blend in with their background.

Just their eyes stick out of the sand for you to see. If you look hard enough, you can just make out the outline of the ray in the sand. Sometimes if you’re lucky enough, the animal is not completely covered and you get to catch a glimpse of the stunning pattern on this animal’s back.

The Video

Diamond Ray Encounter, Source: Jen Fitschen, Youtube

Wrapping Up with this rare encounter of a Diamond Ray

What a special sighting! I am so thankful for all the incredible moments the ocean has offered me. From sharks, whales and rays, I have been lucky enough to spend time in the presence of incredible ocean animals.

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