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Owners Use Drone To Find Missing Husky Chilling With Bears

owners use drone to find missing husky
Owners use drone to find missing husky. Image by ZooBrother via YouTube
Drone To Find Missing Husky Chilling With Bears. Credit: ZooBrother – Source: YouTube

Imagine that? You lose your dog and find out he’s taken the company of bears instead! Talk about Goldy having a reunion with the three bears… 

In the video above, owners send a drone to find their four legged husky best friend. Better yet, the drone footage shows a dog happily joining a family of bears. As the drone follows the furry canine around the footage captures the playful relationship that forms between the two different species. Furthermore, join us as we delve into the behavioural traits of huskies.

The Husky’s Social Nature

Portrait of siberian husky on snow. Image via depositphotos.

Huskies are social animals, as we can see in the video above! This reflects their history as sled dogs when they worked closely with their packs. This pack mentality is evident in their interactions with humans and other animals. As they are their most happy when they are where they feel a sense of belonging.

An Independent Spirit

Close-up of the muzzle of a dog with blue eyes of the Siberian Husky breed. Image via Deposit Photos.

Huskies have a streak of independence that sets them apart from other dogs. Huskies have a strong-willed nature and show a stubborn streak sometimes. Overall they tend to march to the beat of their own drum rather than following commands.

Energy and Enthusiasm Of The Husky

A husky. Image via depositphotos.

These canine friends are known for their endless energy and enthusiasm. They are just cute bundles of joy! Whether it’s playtime in the yard or a run through the snow, Huskies give off a contagious zest for life that keeps their owners on their toes…

The Husky’s Inquisitive Mind

A husky. Image via depositphotos.

Beneath their fluffy adorable skin lies a sharp intellect and insatiable curiosity. Huskies are quick learners. They are capable of mastering new commands easily. Their inquisitive nature makes them want to explore their surroundings too, this makes mental stimulation an essential part of their well-being.

Bottom Line

By Flickr user abkfenris – Flickr here, CC BY 2.0,

Like a modern-day Goldilocks, the husky goes on an adventure, stumbling upon a family of bears and creating a tale of an unheard of friendship! 

Through the lens of a drone, we witness this amazing scenario, as the furry canine integrates into the bear family’s world.

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