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Husky Parents Use Drone To Find Him With Wild Bears

bears with husky
Image by The Rd Coffer

When they noticed their husky missing, they sent up their drone into the air to find him and he was chilling with some wild brown bears! Of all creatures, this surprised me the most.

Read to the end to watch the video!


I would have been terrified for my husky! These are wild brown bears! But luckily and very surprisingly, they seemed quite unphased by the excited dog.

The husky was caught by the drone, chilling with this family of bears. The pet dog was playing curiously, running circles around the bears. He looked like he was having the best time!

The Bears

Bears are normally solitary animals. This makes me think that is was probably a mother and her large cubs. She obviously did not feel too threatened by the husky, allowing it to stick around and play without hurting it or chasing it off.

The Video Of Husky Found With Drone Playing With Bears

Lost husky found using drones happily hanging out with a bear family, Source: The Rd Coffer, Youtube

More On The Husky

Rugged, self-reliant dogs with a lengthy history are huskies. They came from Siberia and were bred for companionship and pulling sleds by the Chukchi people. By nature gregarious, they live best in packs and appreciate cooperation and friendship.

Their howls reverberate across the terrain. They are adept communicators. Huskies develop close relationships within their pack and family and are known for being devoted to both people and other dogs. In this case – bears. Their untamed heritage helps them adapt to domestic life, but they still retain their wild tendencies, which makes them interesting and unusual companions.

Wrapping Up

Let me know what you think of this lost husky found with the drone playing with bears in the comments below!

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