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Watch: Piglet Comforts Rescue Dog 

dog and pig

Auggie, the pig helped massively improve Neil, an anxious rescue dog, life last year. As his inaugural non-human animal companion, she provided Neil, with the security, solace, and companionship he needed to reduce his anxiety and form trust in other animals. She paved the way for a family to welcome needy cats into Uncle Neil’s Home rescue and allowed them to continue caring for recuperating animals alongside Neil.

Neil, the three-legged dog, never again has to face abandonment with his tiny piglet friend who snuggles on his bed. This friendship helps both of them feel loved and safe.

Watch The Video Here

Tiny Piglet Snuggles With Anxious Rescue Dog. Source: Youtube, Uploaded: The Dodo

Is this dog-pig friendship normal?

Image by VolodymyrBur via

In homes where dogs and pigs are raised together strong bonds often develop through their shared experiences. In rescue or sanctuary settings, these animals live together and often find comfort in each other’s presence.

But, Do They Play?

Image by lifeonwhite via

Both of these animals can be playful! Chasing each other, and running and rolling around together all strengthens their bond. Pigs and dogs both are social animals by nature and look for companions in humans or other animals. Making their playful bond a base for a strong friendship.

Is It Safe For Them?

It’s important to prioritize the safety and well-being of both animals when you introduce them and allow them to interact. If it seems like the two animals are not getting along, it’s best to consult with a professional dog trainer or vet for guidance.

Can Pigs Be Emotional Support Animals?

Image by RCerruti via

Pigs can serve as emotional support animals (ESAs) for people with emotional or mental health conditions. The same way dogs, cats, and other animals do. They do so by providing comfort and companionship to those who benefit from their presence as part of their treatment. It has been said that pigs feel a certain amount of empathy towards humans. Meaning that they could comfort someone experiencing emotional distress.

Last Say On The Emotional Support of Pigs

This adorable interaction between a pig and a dog just reminds us of how emotional these animals really are. And that they deserve to be treated with love and respect, always.

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