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Bath Police Escort Swan to Local River


When reality imitates comedy, it often leaves us with a sense of delight and amusement. This past weekend, the picturesque city of Bath found itself at the center of such an incident. Much like the hilarious chase scene in the British action-comedy classic “Hot Fuzz,” police officers in Bath were called to shepherd a swan. Or more precisely, a cygnet, back to its natural habitat in the River Avon. The striking resemblance to a scene from the movie added an extra layer of humor to the real-life drama.

The Encounter

On a seemingly ordinary Sunday, this charming Georgian city witnessed an unexpected twist in the form of a wayward cygnet. The swan had ventured away from River Avon and found itself amidst the hustle and bustle of Bath’s city center. Shoppers were taken aback by the feathered visitor, creating a commotion that quickly drew the attention of the local police.

The Resemblance to “Hot Fuzz”

For those familiar with the cult classic “Hot Fuzz,” the parallels between the film and this real-life escapade are uncanny. In the movie, Simon Pegg plays the role of Nicholas Angel, a former high-ranking Metropolitan police officer transferred to the fictional village of Sandford in Gloucestershire.

The caller, portrayed by Stephen Merchant, introduces himself as Mr. Staker, or Peter Ian Staker. Angel dismisses it as a prank call, cleverly decoding the initials P.I. Staker as “piss-taker.” However, the ensuing description of the missing bird – “2ft tall, long slender neck, orange and black bill” – prompts Angel to inquire further. Staker’s deadpan response? “Well, it’s a swan.” What follows in the film is a comical series of failed attempts to apprehend the runaway swan.

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Real-Life Swan Escort Drama

In contrast, the real-life incident in Bath seemed to unfold with considerably less hilarity. As onlookers gathered, Simon Galloway, who happened to be out shopping with his family, described the scene. “We noticed a bit of commotion outside the shop,” he said, “That was when we saw a cygnet being escorted down the street – presumably down to the river. There were loads of shoppers around, everyone had their phones out, laughing.”

The fact that this event took place in Bath, just a short drive away from Wells, where “Hot Fuzz” was filmed, made it all the more irresistible for those familiar with the movie.

Bath Police’s Encounter with Swans

This is not the first time that Bath’s police officers have found themselves face-to-face with swans. Back in November 2014, two officers were tasked with dealing with a pair of cygnets in the city. They employed a practical strategy, placing cones around one swan when it settled down in the middle of a road. The swans were then gently wrapped in blankets and transported to a nearby canal, ensuring their safety and the convenience of city residents.

PCSO Mike Symonds, reflecting on their previous swan encounter, stated, “We’ve had to deal with swans a couple of times before, so we knew how to handle them.” This expertise came in handy once again during the recent cygnet escort mission.

In Conclusion

In the realm of real-life drama imitating comedy, Bath’s recent encounter with a wayward cygnet, eerily reminiscent of “Hot Fuzz,” undoubtedly provided a dose of unexpected entertainment for the city’s residents and visitors. While the film’s chase scene involving a swan remains a classic comedic moment, it’s heartwarming to know that Bath’s police officers were there to ensure the safety of the real-life feathered protagonist. In a world where life often imitates art, such moments remind us of the delightful and humorous connections that can be found in our everyday experiences.

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