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Python Eats and Then Regurgitates Pet Cat

python eats pet cat
Image by Khaosod English via YouTube

I’m not the biggest fan of snakes, but pythons especially scare me because they can capture and eat prey many, many times larger than themselves. After all, not many other species in the animal kingdom can do this. This is the story of a python who (almost) eats a pet cat.

What Pythons Usually Eat

Pythons are not picky eaters. In their natural habitats, these snakes consume a diet that mainly consists of mammals and birds. Smaller pythons might hunt rodents or birds, while larger individuals go for larger prey such as monkeys, pigs, and even deer.

Their method is simple: constrict and swallow whole. 

What Is the Biggest Animal a Python Could Swallow?

The reticulated python, the longest snake in the world, can grow up to lengths exceeding 20 feet. This size grants it the ability to swallow animals as large as antelopes and, in rare instances, humans.

The limit to what a python can swallow is not just a function of the prey’s weight but also its size and the snake’s ability to stretch its jaw and body around its meal.

Python Vs. Pet Cat: What Happened?

“Python Swallows and Then Vomits Whole Pet Cat in Thailand”, Source: YouTube, Uploaded: Khaosod English

Pythons are not a rare sight in Thailand, which is were this story took place. Here, a 59-year-old woman found a massive python under her sink – the snake’s body was protruding in a funny way and her one cat had gone missing, so she put two and two together and came to the heartbreaking realization that the snake had eaten her pet cat.

The Aftermath

The woman immediately called Wildlife Services, who through their extensive snake knowledge, they were able to get it to regurgitate the pet cat. Sadly, the cat couldn’t be saved but at least the woman was able to bury it in her yard.

Python Eats Pet Cat: Wrapping Up

carpet python
Carpet python – Morelia spilota variegata. Image via Depositphotos

I don’t know about you, but these stories make my skin crawl. Granted, snakes are impressive creatures worthy of our respect – and they also need to eat to survive. That being said, I think this cat saw an unfairly brutal end.

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