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Python Vs. Monitor Lizard Fight to Death

python vs. monitor lizard

This isn’t your typical battle between predator and prey. In this footage from Australia, we bear witness to a fight to death between two of the world’s most terrifying reptiles putting their respective predatory prowess to the test. Who do you think will win this battle – python vs. monitor lizard?

Python Vs. Monitor Lizard: The Battle

YouTube video

The video captured in Queensland, Australia, shows the ultimate reptile battle: python vs. monitor lizard.

The coastal carpet python is tightly wrapped around the body and back legs of a lace monitor lizard. Known for its strength in constriction, it attempts to overpower the lizard. Meanwhile, the lace monitor fights back with its sharp claws and powerful limbs, leaving severe wounds.

Python Vs. Monitor Lizard: Strengths

monitor lizard

The coastal carpet python, measuring up to 13 feet, is a formidable predator. Its main strength lies in its ability to constrict, exerting immense pressure to subdue its prey.

On the other hand, the lace monitor lizard, which can grow up to 6.5 feet, boasts powerful limbs and sharp claws, ideal for climbing and digging. Its agility and speed make it a difficult target for predators, including pythons.

Python Vs. Monitor Lizard: Weaknesses

coastal carpet python
Coastal Carpet Python

Pythons, being cold-blooded, rely heavily on external heat sources and can become sluggish in cooler temperatures. They also lack speed and agility. Lace monitors, while fast and nimble, can become vulnerable when caught off-guard or when facing a predator adept at ambush, like the python.

Fast Lizards: The Impressive Speed of Monitor Lizards

Lace monitor lizards are renowned for their speed, capable of running up to 15 mph!

This speed, coupled with their ability to swim and climb trees, makes them versatile predators and difficult prey. Their quick reflexes are crucial for both catching prey and evading predators, like pythons.

A Deadly Hug: Python Constriction Force

A python can exert a constricting force of up to 7.8 pounds per square inch.

Pythons kill by constriction, wrapping their bodies around their prey and tightening with each breath the victim takes. The force exerted can be immense, enough to rapidly suffocate the prey.

Which One Is More Dangerous to Humans?

monitor lizard

Both species generally avoid humans, but in rare instances, they can pose a threat. Pythons, particularly larger ones, have been known to attack humans, although such incidents are extremely rare. Monitor lizards, with their sharp claws and teeth, can inflict serious wounds if threatened. That being said, they are more likely to flee than attack.

Python Vs. Monitor Lizard: Conclusion

YouTube video

This fight to the death between these two reptiles showcases both of their respective strengths – the python’s constriction and the motor lizard’s sharp claws and powerful bite. Having seen their ways of attack, which one would you be most terrified to encounter?

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