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Rescued Cat Has Serious Objections To Starting Water Therapy

rescued cat

Ty, a hefty rescued cat surrendered to the Vanderburgh Humane Society (VHS), faced a dire situation. Weighing in at a solid 30 pounds, his morbid obesity threatened his very mobility and, ultimately his life. To tackle this weighty issue his care team at VHS sought an unconventional solution: water therapy at the Canine Aquatic Center. However, Ty, with his own set of objections, had a vocal stance on this aquatic endeavor.

His Encounter with Aquatic Fitness

Despite Ty’s limited mobility, his vivacious personality shone through from the get-go. His love for attention was matched only by his sheer size. It was evident to his rescuers that once Ty shed some pounds, he would be unstoppable. Thus, his first water therapy session was scheduled promptly, much to Ty’s audible dismay.

Ty’s Vocal Protest Against the Pool

During his inaugural session, Ty made his feelings unmistakably clear—he wasn’t thrilled about this aquatic adventure. With a symphony of feline protests echoing through the center, Ty nonetheless remained surprisingly composed. Post-session, he explored the pool deck with curiosity, perhaps contemplating alternative weight loss methods that didn’t involve getting wet.

The Reluctant Swimmer’s Transformation

Despite his initial objections, Ty continued to grace the pool with his presence. With time and patience, he gradually warmed up to the idea, becoming a proficient swimmer in his own right. His transformation from reluctant floater to confident swimmer is a testament to his resilience and the dedication of his caregivers.

Wrapping Up with this Rescued Cat

rescued cat

Even though Ty still has a long way to go in his weight loss journey, every swim he takes gets him closer to his objective. Not only is he losing weight thanks to water therapy, but he’s also regained his movement and energy. 

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