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Single Lion Vs. 30 Hyenas

lion vs. hyenas
Image by @Robert John via YouTube

When you live on the savannah, every day is a fight for survival – either you’re escaping an attack or looking for your next meal. Lions and hyenas have a special kind of rivalry going on exemplified in this fight between a lone lion vs. a pack of 30 hyenas.

The Complicated Relationship Between Hyenas and Lions

Image via Depositphotos

Hyenas and lions have a complicated relationship. Because their territories overlap (as well as the food they prefer) they frequently fight over precisely these two things: food and territory.

Hyenas are kind of like the lions’ annoying younger siblings. They are opportunistic hunters and scavengers who frequently challenge lions for their prey. Each species has their own strength and weaknesses, resulting in a continuous rivalry between them.

Hyenas’ Biggest Strength: Numbers

Hyena Kruger National Park. Tara Panton
Hyena Kruger National Park. Image by Tara Panton

Hyenas operate in large clans. One single clan can contain as many as 80 members! Their strength lies in these numbers, allowing them to challenge larger predators like lions. On their own they wouldn’t stand a chance, but as a group they can encircle and harass their opponent.

Why the Lion Was Victorious

Beautiful Mighty Lion
Beautiful Mighty Lion. Image by yulia-zl18 via Depositphotos

Despite the overwhelming odds, the lion in the video managed to hold its ground. Lions are both significantly stronger and bigger than hyenas. This, coupled with their hunting finesse and deadly bite, allowed the lion to finally snatch itself a snack.

After all, it’s not for nothing that they’re dubbed the king of the savannah.

The Video: Lion Vs. Hyenas

YouTube video
“Lion king vs 30 hyenas! Rare KILL!”, Source: YouTube, Uploaded: Robert John

Wrapping Up

Lion laying on a rock. Image via Depositphotos

To conclude, this video is only one of many instances where the lion has proved to us why it is well deserving of the title as the king of the savannah. Even though the numbers were not at all on his side, he managed to score his meal for the day.

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