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Watch: Youtuber Gives Snakes Their Legs Back

snake with legs
Image via Allen Pan

The evolutionary journey of snakes has fascinated scientists and animal enthusiasts alike. This recent YouTube video by Allen Pan takes a humorous yet thoughtful approach to this subject. 

The Experiment

snake with legs
Image via Allen Pan

Determined to showcase his affection for these misunderstood reptiles, Pan tackled a unique mission: to give snakes their legs back. 

The video opens with Pan attempting to consult with a snake expert at the LA Zoo, but the high costs deter him. 

Instead, Pan turns to a more affordable method of gathering information by hosting a reptile-themed birthday party at a pet store. 

It is here that he uncovers a fascinating fact about snake embryology: snakes do initially develop legs in their embryonic stage, but due to genetic mutations, they end up with two penises instead of legs.

The Prosthetic Legs

snake with legs
Image via Allen Pan

As a result, Pan sets out to design robotic legs for snakes. 

The video details his meticulous study of animals with legs to devise a leg prototype that could be compatible with snakes

Despite an initial failure, Pan’s persistence leads to the creation of a second version of the prosthetic legs.

Pan’s approach is marked by a blend of scientific curiosity and a desire to enhance the lives of these reptiles.

Ethical Considerations

Allen Pan via Allen Pan on youtube

Throughout the video, Pan navigates the ethical implications of his experiment with care and humor. 

He consults with a professional snake breeder to ensure the snakes’ well-being. 

The safety and ethical treatment of the animals are paramount, and the final test showed a snake voluntarily using the robotic legs. 

This moment of success is presented with a mixture of triumph and whimsy as Pan reflects on the broader implications of his project.

The Video

YouTube video
“giving snakes there legs back” via Allen Pan on youtube
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