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Watch Rescuing Tons Of Venomous Snakes As A Hobby In California

California kingsnake
California kingsnake, its scientific name is Lampropeltis getula californiae. Image by belizar via

In California, where the sun beats down relentlessly there’s a man on a mission. His name is Bruce and his hobby is very important. He’s a wrangler of sorts, rescuing tons of venomous snakes. It’s not your typical pastime, but for him and his team of volunteers, it’s a calling.

The 4pm Grind

His days are busy with the usual grind of work, but come 4 o’clock, it’s time to put on those boots and head out to wrangle some snakes. He jokes with his wife that it’s his midlife crisis, though instead of a sports car, he’s chosen adrenaline-fueled rescues as his outlet.

Labor Day Haul

Labor Day weekend was a particularly bustling time for him. He recalls the eight Southern Pacific rattlesnakes he relocated from various homes in the area. To him, these snakes aren’t just creatures to be feared; they’re Nature’s underdogs, misunderstood and misrepresented.

Higher Stakes

It’s not all adrenaline rushes and rescues, though. Some calls are more challenging than others, especially when the snakes are caught in garden netting. The stakes are higher knowing that any wrong move could spell disaster for both him and the snake.

Survival Radius

But it’s not just about the rescue; it’s also about the release. Snakes have their territory, and if they’re taken too far from it, their survival rate drops significantly. So, he carefully transports them back to prime habitat, ensuring they have the best chance at thriving.

The Video

Man Saves Tons Of Venemous Snakes As A Hobby, Source: The Dodo, Youtube

Wrapping Up with Rescuing Tons Of Venomous Snakes

Ultimately, it’s about honoring the natural equilibrium of the environment, not just about saving snakes. The ecosystem would quickly get out of control without these animals. With the knowledge that he is changing things in a modest way, he continues on his mission, eliminating one snake at a time.

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