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The Fattest Squirrel You’ve Ever Seen Feasting on Pumpkin

fattest squirrel feasting on pumpkin

Squirrels are often seen as playful and agile creatures, but this squirrel in question is anything but agile. This might just be the fattest squirrel that you’ve ever seen, and of course, it’s busy feasting on a snack: a delicious pumpkin.

I think we can all attest to having snack cravings (and giving into them) – with all certainty, this obese squirrel knows exactly what we’re talking about. But even if they’re weak for snacks, these rodents’ intelligence shouldn’t be overlooked.

How Clever Are Squirrels?

fattest squirrel feasting on pumpkin
©romiebalony on TikTok

Squirrels are more than just a pretty face. They exhibit a level of intelligence that is quite remarkable. Studies have shown that squirrels are capable of problem-solving, which is evident in the way they navigate the obstacles we put up to keep them away from bird feeders.

Their ability to adapt to various environments, from rural areas to urban landscapes, is yet another proof of their cleverness. However, the squirrel in this video has evidently adapted a little bit too well to the comfort of suburban living.

Their Incredible Long-Term Memories

More footage of the same squirrel after its feast
©romiebalony on TikTok

One of the most astonishing aspects of squirrel intelligence is their long-term memory.

Squirrels are known for their habit of gathering and storing food for the winter. Remarkably, they remember where they’ve hidden their food stashes, which can number in the hundreds. Being able to recall these numerous locations of food caches demonstrates a level of memory and spatial awareness that is quite impressive for such small animals.

Their impressive memory plays a crucial role in their survival, especially in harsh winter conditions.

The Fattest Squirrel Ever Feasting on Pumpkin

The video in question showcases an unusually obese squirrel, a sight not commonly observed in the wild. Clearly, this is a suburban squirrel who knows just how to score snacks from humans.

It is seen contentedly munching on a pumpkin left on someone’s doorstep. Seeing as it’s probably Halloween, and judging by its size, this is not the first pumpkin it’s attacked in the neighborhood.

Squirrels Don’t Hibernate – They Stash

Contrary to popular belief, squirrels do not hibernate during winter. Instead, they engage in a behavior known as caching, where they stash away food in various locations to consume during the colder months.

This behavior makes the excessive weight of the squirrel in the video even more peculiar, as squirrels typically do not need to bulk up in fat to survive winter.

Their strategy is to rely on the food they have collected and hidden, rather than building up body fat.

How They Hide Their Nuts: An Intelligence Marker

Squirrel Poop 

Squirrels, obese or not, use a method called scatter-hoarding, where they hide their food in numerous locations. This strategy reduces the risk of losing all their food to predators or other squirrels.

Interestingly, squirrels often perform deceptive behaviors, such as pretending to bury a nut while keeping it in their mouth, to throw off potential thieves. This cunning behavior indicates a level of strategic thinking and understanding of potential risks.

Fattest Squirrel Ever Feasting on Pumpkin: Conclusion

fattest squirrel feasting on pumpkin
©romiebalony on TikTok

The video of the obese squirrel feasting on a pumpkin is more than just a humorous clip; it’s a window into the intricate world of these intelligent creatures. Squirrels demonstrate remarkable cognitive abilities, from problem-solving to memory retention.

All in all, I think we should applaud squirrels for more than their cuteness!

Thank you for reading this story about (probably) the fattest squirrel ever! Enjoy more facts about this intelligent rodent:

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