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Top 10 States With The Most Moose

Moose Bull. Image by Alaska Region U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons.

Moose are majestic creatures – do you have an idea of which states with the most moose? In the United States, certain states are home to more moose than others. Here are the top ten states where you are most likely to find these magnificent animals.

10. Utah

Portrait of a male moose. Image via Malene Thyssen (User Malene), CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Utah has around 2,500 moose. They roam the mountains and forests, mostly keeping to themselves. You can find them in places like the Wasatch Range.

9. Vermont

Moose. Image via MartinThoma, CC0, via Wikimedia Commons

In Vermont, there are about 3,000 moose. These moose wander through the woods and mountains. They are a common sight in the Northeast Kingdom.

8. Colorado

Moose are the tallest mammals in North America. Image by
Ryan Hagerty

Colorado also hosts about 3,000 moose. They are often seen in the Rocky Mountain National Park. The moose here enjoy the cool, high-altitude areas.

7. New Hampshire

Moose in Velvet in Northern Newfoundland via Depositphotos

New Hampshire has around 3,300 moose. They live in the northern parts of the state. The Great North Woods region is a good place to spot them.

6. Wyoming

A bull moose stands beside the Snake River in Grand Teton Park, Wyoming. Image by Grand Teton Park via Facebook

In Wyoming, you will find about 3,500 moose. The Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks are prime moose habitats. They thrive in these protected areas.

5. Minnesota

Image via Depositphotos

Minnesota has a population of 4,700 moose. Most of them live in the northeastern part of the state. The Superior National Forest is a moose haven.

4. Washington

Moose on the Loose
Image via Pexels

Washington is home to about 5,000 moose. They are often seen in the northeastern regions. The Colville National Forest is a popular spot for moose sightings.

3. Idaho

tiny dog prevents moose attack
Moose are herbivores, primarily feeding on aquatic plants like lilies and pondweed, and are adept swimmers.

Image by Malte Wingen via Unsplash

Idaho hosts around 10,000 moose. They live in the forests and mountains. The Clearwater and Panhandle regions are known for their moose populations.

2. Maine

Bull Moose
Bull Moose.

Image by Donna Dewhurst –, Public Domain,

Maine has a significant moose population with about 60,000 individuals. The North Woods are filled with these large animals. Moose are a common sight on the roads, so drivers need to be cautious.

1. Alaska

Alaska moose
A bull moose in South Fork Eagle River, Alaska. Image via Paxson Woelber, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Alaska tops the list with 175,000 moose. The vast wilderness provides a perfect habitat. They are found throughout the state, from the coastal regions to the interior forests.

Wrapping Up with the Top 10 States With The Most Moose

Image via Depositphotos

Moose are an iconic part of the American wilderness. These ten states offer the best chance to see them in their natural habitat. From the dense forests of Maine to the wide expanses of Alaska, moose thrive in the wild. Evidently if you are eager to see a moose, these states are the places to visit.

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