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Unprecedented: Mountain Lion Scales Tree 50+ feet high

From stealth to hunting, mountain lions exhibit a plethora of traits. Still, unlike their feline counterparts, such as leopards, they aren’t renowned for scaling above treetops, as further emphasized by the individual recording who comments, ‘That’s a first.’

Credit: Paul Hedger

While we can’t pinpoint the exact location of this remarkable event, which sees the big cat frozen at least 50 feet above the ground – as if it just realized it was scared of heights – it’s believed to be within Arizona’s enchanting yet unforgiving borders.

See This Encounter Below

YouTube video
Credit: Paul Hedger

The Enigmatic Mountain Lion Population

Estimating the population of mountain lions remains a challenging task for wildlife experts. These elusive cats often roam remote and rugged terrains, making them difficult to study comprehensively. However, conservationists and researchers suggest that the population of mountain lions in North America, including Arizona, is more significant than previously thought.


The elusive nature of these felines is evident in their solitary behavior, making it challenging to conduct accurate population counts. Nevertheless, their presence in various habitats, from dense forests to arid deserts, showcases their remarkable adaptability. The recent tree-scaling incident, although a rare sight, highlights the diverse capabilities of these mysterious creatures.

Arizona’s Diverse Wilderness

Mountain Lion sits on a rocky outcrop

Arizona, with its enchanting yet unforgiving borders, provides an ideal backdrop for the mysterious world of mountain lions. The state’s diverse landscapes encompass sprawling deserts, towering mountains, and lush forests. Known for its iconic Grand Canyon and unique geological formations, Arizona offers a vast and challenging environment that serves as a natural habitat for diverse wildlife.

The temperatures in Arizona can range from scorching heat to chilly nights, creating an environment that demands resilience from its inhabitants. During the scorching summer months, temperatures can soar well above 100 degrees Fahrenheit, while winter nights may bring freezing temperatures. This extreme climate fosters a unique ecosystem where only the most adaptable species thrive.

Cougar uses a tree as a good vantage point

Adaptations to the Arizona Climate

In this harsh environment, various animal species have evolved unique adaptations to cope with the extremes of Arizona’s climate. From the resilient saguaro cactus to the agile desert bighorn sheep, each organism has found its niche in the intricate web of desert life.

Mountain lions, too, have developed specific adaptations to navigate the challenges posed by Arizona’s diverse landscapes. Their ability to move seamlessly between different habitats, from rocky canyons to dense forests, showcases their versatility. The recent tree-scaling incident, although anomalous, underscores the mountain lion’s capacity to surprise and adapt to unforeseen situations.

Mountain Lion walks along hillside edge
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