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Watch 100 Huskies Escape From Pet Cafe In China

Watch 100 Huskies Escape From Pet Cafe In China
100 Huskies Escape From Pet Cafe In China. Image by South China Morning Post via YouTube

As the old song goes “who let the dogs out?”, could never be more appropriate in this scenareo!

How’s that for a serotonin boost!? The video above went viral on social media as a group of 100 husky dogs escaped from a pet cafe in Guangdong province, southeastern China.

The scenario

Cute husky on walk in park Image by belchonock via Depositphotos

This hilarious incident took place when the door of the cafe was left open by a customer. As a result the ‘fluff balls’ rushed for freedom! Left in the husky’s dust, the cafe staff sprang into action.

The staff chased the huskies around the shopping mall. One female employee guided some back into the cafe, while another pilled the remaining huskies into his arms, one by one.

This delightful event took place on March 12. The incident happened as the owner came to visit to her cafe. Evidently, this caused excitement among the huskies! As the huskies hadn’t seen their owner for a while.

Wrap Up

Image by Mitchell Henderson via Unsplash

As a punishment, the huskies were treated with chicken legs for dinner! This story is a playful reminder of the strong connection between humans and their furry four-legged companions.

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