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Watch As Dogs Conduct An Orchestra – With Their Tails

dog orchestra
Screenshot from PEDIGREE® Tail Orchestra. Source: Youtube, Uploaded: PEDIGREE® Brand

Pedigree conducted (excuse the pun) an experiment to see what would happen if dogs wagging their tails conducted an orchestra – and the results are amazing. The music produced allows a glimpse into what it feels like to experience our dog’s emotions. Sit back, and get ready to brighten up your day! 

The Process

dog orchestra
Screenshot from PEDIGREE® Tail Orchestra. Source: Youtube, Uploaded: PEDIGREE® Brand

The Polish Orchestra and their conductor readily sit with their instruments as different dogs take center stage. The adorable pups are then presented with various stimuli to provoke their emotions, which means different levels of tail wagging as a result. For example, a treat provoked highly happy and excited tail wags from the dogs. 

Dog Tail Wagging and Their Emotions

Bracco Italiano
Beautiful Bracco Italiano pointer. Image by olgagorovenko via Depositphotos

Dogs express their emotions by wagging their tails, allowing humans to read the emotions they are experiencing. An excited happy pup may wag their tail fast and upright. Big, strong, and broad tail wags usually indicate a friendly dog, while a reluctant or anxious pup may wag its tail in strong, small motions. 

Orchestra Interpretation

dog orchetsra
Orchestra. Image by stokkete via

The orchestra interpreted the dogs’ energy from their tails – a quick wagging tail meant that they would play louder and quicker. While a slow low tail meant that they would play softer and slower. Of course, there were many moments of giggles and confusion as the pups’ tails surprised them and the music they were playing. 

The Result

jack russel
Jack Russell Terrier Chasing Own Tail. Image by londondeposit via

As you would expect, the improvisation of the music conducted by the dogs’ tails was sometimes irregular and messy. However, for the most part, masterpieces were created! You can listen to the results on this Spotify playlist, and for every stream, a donation is made to the Pedigree Foundation. 

The Video

YouTube video
PEDIGREE® Tail Orchestra. Source: Youtube, Uploaded: PEDIGREE® Brand

Musical Geniuses 

dog orchestra
Dog’s orchestra or band performs new composition. Image by vitalytitov via

I love this initiative from Pedigree to capture the happiness of dogs through music. Especially the joy it brings to the pups and anyone who listens! Well done to everyone who took part in this uplifting experience. Do you know of any similar initiatives? Let us know in the comments below.

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