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WATCH: Brutal Feast on the Maasai Mara

By Rushikesh Deshmukh dop - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,

The golden savannah of the Maasai Mara usually bursts with vibrant life. But, we witnessed a scene of stark reality filmed at the national reserve. A video clip captured three, then four hyenas relentlessly feasting on a young buffalo calf.

The Disturbing Opening Scene

The footage showed three hyenas, fur smeared with crimson, huddled around the still-living calf. Each yanked at a bloody chunk of flesh, snarling and snapping at each other. It looked like an ongoing tug-of-war. The calf was visibly weak. It trembled and moaned in agony as its blood spilled onto the dry grass. The constant biting filled the calf’s groans with both pain and bewilderment. It was indeed a heartbreaking moment to witness for visitors who were present there.  

Escalated Savagery 

Buffalo Calf
By Kandukuru Nagarjun

As the minutes ticked by, things got even worse for the calf. A fourth hyena arrived, drawn by the scent of blood and opportunity. With a quick snap, it joined the feast, tearing into the calf’s struggling body. The cries of the dying animal grew louder, punctuated by the guttural grunts and yips of the hyenas. It was the moment that perfectly synced the pain of prey and predator’s hunger, an ode to the brutal efficiency of the natural world.

Complex Social Structure 

Yet, amid the barbarity, unexpected tenderness emerged among the predators, not for the calf, but for each other. Instead of being mindless scavengers, the hyenas showed a surprising level of cooperation. They took turns guarding their prey, snarling at any potential challengers. It could be vultures or larger predators. It represented a testament to their social structure.

Back to the Treat

After meticulously inspecting the surroundings for potential threats that could disrupt their feast, the hyenas gathered together to savor the spoils of their hunt. Astonishingly, the prey, a calf, remained alive as they voraciously consumed their meal. The bizarre spectacle unfolded as the carnivores continued their banquet, creating a surreal scene captured until the end of the video. One’s enjoyment costs another’s life!


portrait of hyena

The video leaves us conflicted as viewers. We are repulsed by the violence yet captivated by the raw power of the strong over the weak. We see the hyenas not as villains but as participants in the exciting survival cycle. They are simply acting out their role in the intricate web of life on the Maasai Mara, as brutal as it may seem.

The video footage is not just a record of a brutal event; it’s a window into the very soul of the wild. It challenges us to confront our perceptions of nature, forcing us to acknowledge the intricate balance of life and death. And such incidents play out every day under the boundless African sky.

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