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Watch Genius Chimp Asks Zoo Visitors For Soda

chimp asks for soda
Chimp asking a zoo visitor for a sip of their soda. Image by spiritflier via Youtube

During a surprising visit to the zoo, a chimp clearly asks and instructs zoo visitors for a sip of soda. Read to the end to watch the video!

In this video, the visitors were exploring the zoo when they arrived at the chimp enclosure. It was here where they encountered a particularly genius chimp. 

A Connection Beyond Glass

The chimp pointed repetitively at the soda in the shopping packet. As the woman picked up the soda, in a swift response, the gorilla directed her over to a hole and ask her to pour some through. The chimp happily got a delicious drink of Mountain Dew!

Language of Intelligence

They continued to interact despite the physical barrier – the glass – between them. They connected in a profound display of intellectual affection. 

The chimp then pointed at the shopping bag once more. The woman pulled out a banana and the chimp gestured for her to throw it over the glass barrier. Thus, emphasizing the chimp’s attempts to communicate. 

The Video

SMART Chimp Asks Zoo Visitors For Drink, Source: Youtube, The Dodo

An Unforgettable Memory

The visitors were deeply entertained by the experience. It reminds us of the powerful, instinctual bond that primates can share with each other. We are also reminded of the similarities we share with our relatives – chimps.

What amazes us most is not only how clearly defined his instructions are, but that he recognizes that the human is intelligent enough to understand him and cooperate. He as a chimpanzee can identify intelligence in other species. That’s endlessly fascinating!

The visitors summed up the experience as one of the most amazing of their lives. 

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