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Watch How Rescued Dog Goes From Skeleton to Beautiful Husky

rescued dog goes from skeleton
Image by @FriendsofFaye via Instagram

This is the story of one of the most resilient doggos ever seen. Ryker is the main character and we are privileged to witness his transformation from a walking skeleton to beautiful husky.

The “Rescue”

The journey of this husky, Ryker, begins in an unexpected way. Instead of being rescued from the streets or an abusive situation in the “traditional sense”, this dog was surrendered by its owner to a local vet with a request for euthanasia.

Recognizing the potential for a second chance, the vet refused to end Ryker’s life. Instead, the local shelter was contacted, and a foster home for the husky was secured. This was the first and most important step for this rescued dog to go from a skeleton to a beautiful husky.

Irresponsible Pet Ownership and Its Tragic Effects

rescued dog goes from skeleton
Image by @FriendsofFaye via Instagram

The husky’s dire state upon arrival at the foster home highlighted the tragic consequences of irresponsible pet ownership. Malnourished to the point of being skeletal, suffering from skin and ear infections, and mange, it was clear that Ryker had been severely neglected.

Although pets give us endless unconditional love, this sadly isn’t always returned, and irresponsible pet ownership is a serious issue in the U.S.

On the Path to His Fluffy and Howling Self

With emergency veterinary care and the unwavering support of his foster family, the husky began his journey to recovery – the transformation was slow but evident.

The medical treatment addressed his physical ailments, while the love and care he received nurtured his spirit. Gradually, his true husky traits emerged—his coat grew in, and his energy returned. A milestone in his recovery journey was when he began howling again, a classic husky trait.

Huskies and Their Tendency To Howl

Image by Mitchell Henderson via Unsplash

Huskies are known for their vocal nature, often howling to communicate with their owners and other dogs. This behavior is a throwback to their ancestral wolf roots, serving as a means of communication across distances. For this husky, his howls were not just signs of recovery but expressions of his newfound zest for life.

The Last Destination: A Forever Home

Fully recovered, the Ryker truly puts his past behind him when he finds his forever home. Adopted by a family that already had a husky, he quickly became best friends with his new companion. With a large garden to roam, a friend to play with, and an abundance of toys and love, the husky’s transformation was complete.

Rescued Dog Goes From Skeleton to Beautiful Husky

dog in shelter
Image by Alexas_Fotos via Pixabay

This tear-jerking rescue story is a tale of a seriously resilient dog. While it’s a beautiful story, it also points to the dark side of pet ownership and what happens when neglect reaches an almost life-threatening situation.

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