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Watch Risky Driving Through A Massive Herd Of Moving Cows

driving through cows
Image by Jen Fitschen

Have you ever driven through a herd of moving cows? It can be quite intimidating, moo-ving a car through these rather large creatures. Read to the end to watch the video!

Why were they in the road?

These cows happened to be free range dairy cows. They live in the most beautiful area up the east coast and they were being moved to a greener, more lush pasture to continue grazing. They were looking rather large and very healthy.

What to do in this situation?

Remain calm! The first thing to do is slow down to a halt, try not get in front of any cows. They are often seen crossing roads in South African, normally you can just wait a bit and they will pass fairly quickly.

Look out for the shepherd, there is generally at least one, sometimes one in the front leading and one in the back. They will help you. This time, helped move them to the side a bit, giving us a bit of space to pass through slowly. Slow and safe is the rule!

The Video of Driving through Large Herd of Cows

Endless Road Of Cows, Source: Jen Fitschen, Youtube

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