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Watch the First Ever Footage of a Newborn Great White Shark off the Coast of California

Newborn Greatwhite shakr
Credit: TheMalibuArtist YouTube

Groundbreaking Discovery

Researchers have captured what is believed to be the first-ever footage of a newborn great white shark in the wild. Wildlife filmmaker Carlos Gauna and UC Riverside biology doctoral student Phillip Sternes made this significant discovery off the coast of California. The footage, captured in July 2023 near Santa Barbara, shows a 5-foot-long white shark distinctively covered in a milky substance believed to be uterine fluid.

Unveiling Shark Birth Mysteries

Great white sharks, known for their size and predatory nature, have long been a subject of fascination and fear. However, their birthing habits have remained largely unknown. The sighting of this newborn shark, potentially just hours old, offers insight into the early life stages of these majestic creatures. The shark’s unique pale coloration, possibly due to shedding its embryonic layer, adds to the intrigue of this discovery.

Key Points on Great White Shark Births

  • Viviparous Reproduction: Great white sharks give birth to live young, a process known as viviparity. Embryonic sharks practice oophagy, consuming eggs for nutrition.
  • Uterine Milk: Pregnant females produce a nourishing fluid called “uterine milk” for the embryos. The production duration during the 12-month gestation is not fully understood.
  • Birth and Characteristics: Females may birth 2-17 pups, each 1-1.6 meters long with rounded fin apexes, resembling near-term embryos.
Great white shark
Credit: Elias Levy – Great White Shark, CC BY 2.0,

Conservation Implications

This sighting is not just a scientific breakthrough but also holds significant conservation value. Great white sharks are listed as vulnerable to extinction, and understanding their breeding and birthing habits is crucial for their protection. The sighting of the newborn great white shark near the California coast highlights the potential significance of this area for the species’ life cycle. This discovery could lead to increased protective measures in these waters to help conserve the great white shark population.

A Step Forward in Shark Research

The discovery of a newborn great white shark in the wild marks a significant milestone in shark research. It challenges existing beliefs about their birthing locations and opens new avenues for study. This rare observation provides a valuable piece of the puzzle in understanding the life cycle of one of the ocean’s most formidable predators.

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