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Watch This Momma Possum Starting a Family Inside a BBQ

possum starting family BBQ

This Possum Momma starting a family in a BBQ truly embodies the lengths mothers will go to for their babies. Also, does it get more American than making a home inside a BBQ? Let’s zoom in on these interesting marsupials!

The Unexpected Discovery of a Possum Starting Family Inside a BBQ

In search of a safe haven, this possum-momma chooses a BBQ grill to start its family. As the camera zooms in, viewers can witness the tiny eyes of baby possums peeking out from the BBQ, clinging to their mother.

The extremely unconventional choice of location highlights the adaptability of these creatures. But also, that mommas will do anything for their babies!

Are Possums Aggressive?

Contrary to popular belief, possums are not aggressive by nature. They are solitary creatures and often play dead when threatened, a behavior known as “playing possum.”

While they might hiss or show their teeth when cornered, they usually prefer to avoid confrontation. It’s always best to give them space and let them move on.

Possum’s Maternal Instincts

possum starting family BBQ
©ViralHog – YouTube

Possum mothers are the epitome of maternal dedication in the animal kingdom. These mommas constantly carry their whole family on their backs.

Carrying their babies on their backs like this serves multiple purposes. Firstly, it provides the young joeys with warmth and protection, ensuring they are shielded from potential predators. This method of transportation also allows the babies to continue nursing and receive essential nutrients while on the move.

Lastly, by keeping their offspring close, mother possums can teach them vital survival skills and familiarize them with their surroundings.

What to Do if You Find a Possum in Your Home

Discovering a possum in your home can be surprising. It’s essential to remain calm and avoid cornering the animal. Instead, open doors and windows to provide an exit route.

If the possum doesn’t leave, consider contacting wildlife professionals. Remember, possums are protected in many areas, so it’s crucial to handle the situation humanely.

Possums Vs. Opossums

While often used interchangeably, “possum” and “opossum” refer to two distinct groups of marsupials (although they’re extremely alike.)

Originating from Australia, possums belong to the Phalangeridae family, showcasing a variety of species with bushy tails and large ears. In contrast, opossums, native to North America, are part of the Didelphimorphia order, recognized by their pointed snouts and prehensile tails.

Beyond geographical differences, their physical attributes and behaviors vary significantly. The confusion primarily stems from early settlers in America naming the opossum due to its resemblance to the Australian possum.

Possum Staring Family Inside BBQ: Conclusion

possum starting family BBQ

Desperate times call for desperate measures – as this video of a possum starting a family inside a BBQ clearly shows. Seen from a more heartwarming perspective, it also reminds us that all species agree that we will do anything to provide for our families.

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