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Why We All Loved the Chihuahua from Legally Blonde

the chihuahua from legally blonde

Remember that early 2000s movie with Reese Witherspoon? This post is all about Elle’s four-legged sidekick Moonie – the Chihuahua from the iconic movie Legally Blonde.

the chihuahua from legally blonde

The 2001 Hollywood romantic-comedy Legally Blonde was an instant hit among audiences and critics. The movie earned over 140 million dollars on an 18 million-dollar budget and many notable award nominations. 

Legally Blonde introduced many of us to iconic Hollywood actress Reese Witherspoon. Although many of us were taken with her from then on, her trusted Chihuahua, Bruiser, played by Moonie, also sealed his place in our hearts forever. 

Ah, Moonie. Who can forget this beloved pup from the movie? Moonie was the adorable Chihuahua who put his best paw forward in Legally Blonde. In a heartbeat he managed to steal our hearts and has been an integral part of the film world ever since. 

For pet owners and animal lovers alike, Moonie’s unconditional love and devotion were a highlight of Legally Blonde. But what is it about Moonie that has made him so special? We’ll explore Moonie’s character in Legally Blonde, his training and care, and his love for his owner, Elle Woods.

Who was Moonie, and Why Was He So Beloved?

It is probably impossible to find someone who did not love the chihuahua from Legally Blonde. Many of us know Moonie as Bruiser Woods, the Chihuahua companion of Elle Woods in the movie. He was a very important part of the movie and it featured him in many scenes. His character was that of a loyal, loving, and devoted pet – and he quickly became a fan favorite.

The love Elle had for Moonie is quite evident in the movie. He was part of a very important scene in which Elle tried to reconcile with her former boyfriend, Warner. Moonie was the symbol of love and loyalty, and he provided Elle with much-needed emotional support. He was also a great friend to Elle, always there to lend an ear and provide comfort and most importantly – cuddles.

Viewers also saw Moonie’s love for Elle in other scenes. He was always happy to see her, wagging his tail and jumping up to give her kisses. He was always there for her, no matter what. This was a powerful message that resonated with many viewers – that unconditional love of a dog is a beautiful thing.

Moonie’s Character in Legally Blonde

In the movie, Moonie is portrayed as a fun-loving, loyal, and devoted pet. And let’s not forget, he was always well-dressed – ready for a fashion show at anytime. He was always there for Elle, no matter what. He was also very protective of her, always by her side and ready to fight for her if necessary. Likewise, he was also very intelligent, understood what Elle was saying, and often responded with a bark or a nudge.

Moonie was also very playful and mischievous. He was always up to something, whether it was stealing food from the table or running around the house. Of course, he was always getting into trouble, but his antics were always adorable. This made Moonie an even more beloved character in the movie.

One of the most endearing things about Moonie was his unconditional love. He had a deep and genuine bond with Elle and was always there for her. Moonie also provided Elle with a sense of security and protection.

 His devotion to Elle also reflected that canine loyalty we’re so used to. He was always willing to follow her wherever she went, even when it meant getting into trouble. But he was also always ready to lend a helping paw, whether it was helping Elle with her studies or providing emotional support. His devotion and love were truly inspiring.

Moonie’s Training and Care

the chihuahua from legally blonde

Moonie was not just an actor in the movie; he was a functioning pet like any other dog. Professional dog trainers trained him to perform the stunts and tricks seen in the movie. This included sitting, lying down, and barking on command. They also trained him to be comfortable with huge crowds of people, which made him an even more lovable character.

Of course, Moonie was also taken care of by the best of the best. He had a personal trainer to ensure he was always in top form and given the best food and care. This was important to make sure that he was always healthy and happy. Moonie was a very special dog, and the movie makers wanted to make sure he was always taken care of.

What Pet Owners Can Learn from Moonie

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Moonie’s dedication to Elle was truly inspiring. He was always there for her, no matter what. He provided her with emotional support and comfort when she needed it most.

As pet owners, we can learn a lot from Moonie’s example. First, we should strive to create a deep and genuine bond with our pets, just like Elle did with Moonie. We should also take the time to properly train and care for our pets, just as Moonie was.

Moonie’s Life After the Movie

After the movie, Moonie lived a happy and healthy life. The film’s production designer adopted him, and she gave him the nickname “Little Man,” which was a nod to the character he played in the movie.

Moonie also continued to make appearances in the media. He was featured in various television shows and commercials. Moreover, he was also invited to appear at various fancy events, such as the London premiere of the movie. His legacy lives on, and he is still remembered fondly by many.

Unfortunately, Moonie passed away in 2016 at the impressive age of 18. His death was a great loss to the film world, as he had become an iconic character. But his legacy lives on, and audiences will never forget his impact on the movie world.

Moonie’s legacy is a testament to the power of unconditional love, he showed us that love knows no bounds and that it is a beautiful thing. As long as you have some canine-support by your side you can do anything, finishing law school with flying colors for example. 

But maybe most importantly, he also reminded us that no matter how small you are, you can make a difference in someone’s life.

It’s safe to say that we all loved Moonie the iconic chihuahua from Legally blonde! The movie will continue to be watched and loved by many, as will Moonie.

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