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Woman Calmly Removes Two Fighting Snakes From Ceiling

woman removes fighting snakes

Massive snakes are not an unusual sight in Australian homes and this woman removes two fighting snakes from a ceiling without as much as a single flinch. Even though snakes are commonplace, this family was surprised to uncover that the strange noises they had heard had been not one but two Carpet Pythons.

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Snake Catcher to the Rescue: Woman Removes Fighting Snakes

The video is a gripping documentation of both bravery and skill. It shows a snake catcher, Tiarnah, calmly and expertly handling two large carpet pythons. The snakes, which had made a home in a family’s ceiling, are fiercely entangled when she pulls them out.

Standing on a kitchen bench she uses a snake hook to carefully extract the battling pythons. Despite the danger, you can tell she’s done this a thousand times as she doesn’t even flinch.

Mysterious Noises Turned Out to Be Snakes

The incident began with the family hearing loud thuds from their roof. Initially, the source of these noises was a mystery. However, upon contacting snake removers, they confirmed it had been two Carpet Pythons making a home upstairs.

The snakes were identified as two males, which leads to the conclusion that the loud thuds were a result of them fighting for dominance in the confined space.

Carpet Pythons: Are They Dangerous?

Carpet Python
Carpet Python ©Andrew Mercer

These snakes, native to Australia, are known for their adaptability to various environments. While they are not venomous, they can pose a threat due to their size and strength. In this instance, the two pythons were engaged in what appeared to be a territorial dispute, a common behavior during mating season.

Although they are generally not aggressive towards humans, caution is always advised when encountering these reptiles.

Signs That You Have Snakes In Your Ceiling

Discovering snakes in residential areas, especially in ceilings, is not uncommon in Australia. Indicators of their presence include unusual noises, like the thuds heard by the residents in this case

Other signs might include visual cues such as snake skins or droppings. It’s important for homeowners to be aware of these signs and seek professional help if snakes are suspected.

Why Do Snakes Make Homes in Ceilings?

Snakes often seek out warm, dark, and quiet places. Consequently, residential ceilings make an ideal habitat for them, especially during colder months or breeding seasons. Ceilings provide a safe haven from predators and a suitable environment for hunting rodents, which are a common part of their diet.

A Reality Facing All Australians

Encounters with wildlife, including snakes, are a part of life in Australia. This incident underscores the importance of awareness and preparedness in dealing with wildlife encounters.

But perhaps more importantly, this snake-situation highlights the role of professionals like Tiarnah, whose expertise in handling such situations safely and effectively is invaluable.

Woman Removes Fighting Snakes: Conclusion

woman removes fighting snakes
©Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers 24/7 – Facebook

The calm and skilled removal of two fighting snakes from a ceiling by a woman on the Sunshine Coast is a testament to the continuous coexistence of humans and wildlife in Australia. In these situations, we’d be absolutely lost without wildlife management and their services should be given the applause they deserve.

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