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Abandoned Dog Shows Up at Cat Sanctuary and Makes Best Friend

dog shows up at cat sanctuary
Image by Cuddle Buddies via YouTube

All sorts of animal friendships tugs at my heartstrings, but especially cat and dog friends. Maybe it’s like a forbidden love, they’re not meant to get along but they do? Get ready to be amazed by this story of a dog who shows up at a cat sanctuary and turns their world upside down.

But Cats and Dogs Don’t Mix?

It’s a common saying that “cats and dogs don’t mix” and they have been the classic “frenemy duo” since the dawn of times (probably). 

It makes sense when you consider their completely contrasting personalities. Historically, dogs are pack animals, known for their loyalty and obedience, while cats are solitary and independent creatures.

But as this friendship story reminds us, it’s usually the opposite who attract.

Dog Shows Up at Cat Sanctuary

dog shows up at cat sanctuary
Image by Cuddle Buddies via YouTube

This story begins when an unexpected visitor shows up at the Cat Sanctuary.
The dog (later named Dog) was found shivering and alone, clearly in need of a home.

Initially, she was meant to be re-homed as everyone thought putting a dog amongst all the cats was a recipe for disaster. However, they were all proved wrong.

Turns into a Permanent Resident

As it turned out, Dog had a unique knack for getting along with cats. One cat was especially drawn to her: Pig, a cat previously known for his indifference to companions, became infatuated with Dog. The sanctuary manager never even got close to Pig herself, but still this cat followed Dog wherever she went. 

Observing this unlikely friendship, Blake, the sanctuary manager, realized that Dog was here to stay. 

Dog Shows Up at Cat Sanctuary: Wrapping Up

ginger cat
Playful ginger cat. Image via Depositphotos

Never say never – sometimes the most unexpected pairs become BFFs and there’s just no way to explain it other than saying that friendship conquers all.

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