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Dog Saves Another Dog From Drowning in Fish Pond

dog saves another dog
Image by We Love Animals via YouTube

Fish ponds make a stunning addition to a garden – but if you’re just a tiny pupper it can create a life-threatening situation. Although nerve-wracking to watch, you have to see this beautiful moment when this dog saves another dog from almost drowning.

The Fall

A tiny dog is enjoying a sunny stroll in the garden when it makes a tiny misstep which will have huge consequences. It falls into a fishpond and of course, starts to panic.

The fish in the pond gather around him, probably confused by what has entered their home. Although they’re not predatory the fish probably stress out this poor little dog even more.

Trying Its Best to Stay Afloat

The dog fights for its life and does its best to stay afloat. It can keep its head above water – but only just. While this dog is a big fighter, it’s still too small to climb out by itself.

Help Arrives

At last, help arrives – another dog finds its little friend struggling in the pond. Determined to come to the rescue, it paces up and down, but sadly, this dog, too, is too small.

Dog Saves Another Dog: The Video

Dog falls into pool but his friend comes to help”, Source: YouTube, Uploaded: We Love Animals

While the hero of this story doesn’t literally save its friend from the pond, the dog is clever enough to run and ask the humans of the house for help. So while not directly intervening it is nonetheless thanks to this clever dog that neither of them drowned in the fish pond that day.

Dog Saves Another Dog: Wrapping Up

Image by Alvan Nee via Unsplash

Both of these tiny doggos deserve a fat round of applause! One for bravery and one for resourcefulness – where would we be without a little help from our friends?

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