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Man On Motorbike Rescues Cat From Highway

man on motorbike rescues cat
Image by PawMeow via YouTube

Even if cats have nine lives it’s still nothing short of a miracle that this kitten stranded on a highway survived. The hero of the day is a man on a motorbike who stops and rescues this cat – we don’t even want to think about what could’ve happened otherwise.

Found In the Middle of a Highway

The hero in this story doesn’t come in on a white horse, but rather he is on two wheels. The man was riding along a highway in Belgium when he spotted a terrified little ginger cat lying in the middle of the highway.

Firstly it’s a miracle that he didn’t run over it, and secondly that he could spot that it was cat in need of rescue.

Man on Motorbike Rescues Cat: The Video

Biker saves a kitten stranded in the middle of highway”, Source: YouTube, Uploaded: PawMeow

The Rescue

The man on the motorbike realizes that this kitty is in need of rescue and immediately pulls off to the side. He stops the oncoming traffic and picks up the scared cat who’s trembling from the life-threatening situation it has just been saved from.

Another Hero Arrives

Another driver has also stopped his car on the side of the road to see if he can be of help. Seeing as he is on a motorbike, our initial hero can’t bring the cat with him, so the other man decides to bring the cat with him in his car.

We don’t know if this cat found its way back to its family or if it continued to a loving foster home, all we know is that things wouldn’t have ended well if these two everday-heroes had not stepped in.

What’s more beautiful than people going out of their way to save an animal that’s lost its way?

Man on Motorbike Rescues Cat: Closing Thoughts

ginger cat
Image via Depositphotos

Tiny acts of kindness have massive outcomes – in this case it most probably saved the life of this little cat. The world can be a really dangerous place for a lost pet, but thankfully the world is also full of people willing to help.

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