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An Orca Released from Captivity Thrives

Killer whale/ orca jumping
Jumping killer whale Image by Neirfys via Depositphotos

The film crew comes across an Orca pod in the sea in Far East Russia. To their surprise, one of the Orcas has been tagged, indicating that it has been released from captivity. This individual’s successful reintegration into the wild challenges the aquarium industry’s assertions that once held captive, these creatures could not survive if returned to their natural habitat.

“Orca released from captivity thrives in the wild”, Source: “YouTube”, Uploaded: “BBC Earth”

Orcas in Captivity

Since 2012, around 29 orcas have been captured alive in Russian waters to be exported to China for display in aquariums. In 2018, the infamous “whale jail” in Sreadnyaya Bay near Vladivostok came to global attention. 11 orcas and 90 belugas were held in unacceptable conditions following their illegal capture. The international outcry that ensued led to a concerted effort by scientists and conservationists to release them back into the wild.


Orca. Image by JuRitt via Depositphotos

Some have expressed concerns regarding releasing orcas back into their natural habitats. They argue that these animals are no longer accustomed to the wild. Orcas released back into the wild must find a pod and may not be welcomed by new groups. Some believe that releasing captive orcas back into their natural environment would be a death sentence.

Promising Future for Release Orca

The video provides hope for the release of the captive Orca. The orca that had been tagged seemed to be a pod member. Despite the arguments from the captive industry, orcas can be released back into their natural environment. They will live a happy and free life where they belong.

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