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Southern Resident Orcas Extinction Risk Accelerating

Killer Whale, orcinus orca, Adult
Killer Whale, orcinus orca, Adult. Image via Depositphotos

According to a recent study, the southern resident orcas risk of extinction is accelerating. Researchers have raised the alarm and we are going to share why.

Declining Populations

Orca leaping out the ocean. Image via Deposit Photos

According to the co-founder and scientist at the research nonprofit Oceans Initiative, there is a generation or two where the decline in population fluctuates but then rapidly accelerates to a faster rate of decline. Thus the population is chasing extinction.

Lack Of Info Is Not This Issue

Killer Whale, orcinus orca, Female with Calf
Killer Whale, orcinus orca, Female with Calf. Image via Deposit Photos

The researchers say the data is clear. There isn’t a lack of information out there. So why is the population still declining if we know this?

There clearly isn’t enough action! The laws are too outdated some say. The Endangered Species Act turns fifty this year.

It is very surprising to me that one of the most intelligent animals in all the oceans and not to mention its top predator heading towards extinction.

There are only 74 southern resident orcas left. They are barely hanging on.

We need a change!

For top species to survive, humans need a fundamental shift of how we live on this planet. We need to co-exist.

Climate Change?

Orca. Image by JuRitt via Depositphotos

Climate change supposedly accentuates the risk of this species extinction. If you are a sceptic, this next paragraph is important for you.

The ocean’s warming waters upset the food webs that support Chinook salmon, which are these orcas’ main food source. Reproduction and survival of salmon are also harmed by warming rivers.

At this rate, environmental changes are turning the area into one where these coevolved animals can no longer survive.

Humans Making The Orca’s Lives More Difficult

New Remove BG Save Share Sample New Jumping orca whales
Jumping orca whales. Image by MennoSchaefer via Depositphotos

Humans overfishing and not fishing in sustainable ways to co-exist and share the resources that are abundant on this planet with other species that have just as much right to it as us.

Threats from other directions, such as habitat destruction and noise pollution from ships in the ocean that interferes with orca hunting, are also getting worse.

Slowing the Decline of Orcas Extinction

Orca Killer Whale Calf surfaces in Antarctica, Greenland.
Orca Killer Whale Calf surfaces in Antarctica. Image via Depositphotos

There have been a few papers released in scientific journals with potential ways to help conserve the orcas. Things such as slowing boat speeds/traffic in specific orca hunting areas, looking into salmon farming and many more ways. Now is the time to act!

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