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Brave Monkey Saves Kitten Abandoned in a Well

monkey saves kitten
Image by Humanimal Acts via YouTube

Monkeys are so alike to us humans in so many ways – one way is their huge emotional capacity for empathy and care for other beings. This situation where a monkey saves a kitten perfectly proves this.

Emotional Intelligence in Monkeys

Monkeys are often celebrated for their cognitive abilities, and how similar they are to us. Similarly, their emotional intelligence is not far from ours either. 

In the video, the monkey’s determination to rescue the struggling kitten from the mud-caked well illustrates an understanding of distress in another living being, as well as a huge amount of empathy.

Monkey Saves Kitten: The Video

Monkey saves cat stuck in abandoned well”, Source: YouTube, Uploaded: HumanimalActs

Although this monkey doesn’t quite literally save this kitten, it tried it’s very best to do so. And without this little monkey’s concern, chances are the humans hadn’t noticed this cat in need of rescue.

The monkey finds the kitten covered in mud and stuck in a well. It tries to lift it up to safety but can’t quite reach – thankfully a human arrives and lends a helping hand as well.

Once the kitten is lifted out of the well, the monkey immediately takes the kitten in its arms and starts to groom it – a monkey’s clearest sign of affection.

Grooming As an Act of Love

baby monkey
Baby primate. Image by Jamie Haughton via Unsplash

If you’re still looking for signs that this monkey genuinely cared for this kitten that it saves, take a look at how it grooms it immediately after the rescue. 

In the world of monkeys this is the most definite sign of love and care. Amongst primates, grooming is a significant social activity which strengthens bonds and expresses affection. By grooming the kitten, the monkey was not just cleaning its new friend but also showing a form of care and protection.

The Beauty of Altruism

Altruism is when we selflessly help others around us, with no intention of gaining anything from it. The little primate’s actions remind us that compassion is not limited to humans – many species care for other species as well.

Monkey Saves Kitten: Wrapping Up

Animals from complete species who still have each other’s back – is there anything cuter?

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