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Bull Sharks Spends 17 Years in A Lake on a Golf Course

Bull Shark
© Flickr - Daniel Kwok

For nearly two decades, the lake at Carbrook Golf Course has been an unlikely home for bull sharks. The floods in 1996 swept six young bull sharks into the lake. When the floodwaters receded, the bull sharks found themselves trapped in a rather unfamiliar setting. For almost two decades, they have sustained themselves on the lake’s stock of fish and occasional meat treats provided by the club’s staff.

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How are Bull Sharks Able to Survive in Freshwater?

Bull sharks are unique because they can comfortably live in both salt water, like oceans, and freshwater, like rivers and lakes. What makes this possible is their special body system that can adjust to different amounts of salt in the water. Their kidneys play a big role in this. These organs help the shark control and balance the salt inside its body. When they’re in freshwater, their kidneys keep the right amount of salt inside, even if there’s none outside. This amazing ability lets bull sharks explore and live in places many other sharks can’t, making them one of the few shark species you might find far from the sea.

The Lifecycle of the Bull Shark

  • Worldwide Distribution: Sightings confirm that bull sharks inhabit regions worldwide, from the coastlines of the Atlantic Ocean to the freshwaters of the Mississippi and Amazon Rivers.
  • Freshwater Nurseries: Juveniles are often found in freshwater environments. These areas serve as nurseries, providing the young sharks with reduced predator threats.
  • Mating Rituals: Bull sharks typically mate during late summer and early autumn. Their mating is characterized by the male biting the female, a behavior seen as a hold for copulation.
  • Gestation: During gestation, bull shark pups develop inside the mother, drawing essential oxygen and nutrients directly from her bloodstream via the placental connection.
Bull Shark
© Flickr – Daniel Kwok

Close Encounters: Bull Sharks and Humans

Bull sharks exhibit an ability to transition between salt and freshwater habitats, frequently bringing them close to humans. These encounters can happen anywhere, from vast oceans and winding rivers to the more unexpected locations like golf course lakes, as illustrated by the Carbrook tale. While bull sharks have an aggressive reputation, many interactions with humans stem from curiosity or mistaken identity. To ensure safety, Carbrook Golf Course has established strict safety protocols for its adventurous golfers. Specifically, golfers are urged to stay clear of the shark-infested lake.


In conclusion, the bull shark’s unique ability to thrive in both salt and fresh water sets it apart in the marine world. Their unexpected presence in places like the Carbrook Golf Course lake highlights nature’s adaptability and the surprises it often presents. As we continue to study and understand these incredible creatures, it’s clear that their adaptability offers valuable insights into the diverse and dynamic world of marine life.

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