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Cat Becomes Foster Dad to Rescued Squirrel

cat becomes foster dad to rescued squirrel
Image by Pawsome Tails via YouTube

This Danish man never meant to take in a rescued squirrel and this cat never meant to become a foster dad, but yet, here we are.

This is a unique rescue story, but what it has in common with all other rescues is how so many lives are changed following one small moment.

How Tintin Came Into Their Lives

cat becomes foster dad to rescued squirrel
Image by Pawsome Tails via YouTube

Back in 2014, Decan Andersen (a single father living in Denmark) witnessed a tiny little baby squirrel falling out of its nest, tumbling four floors, and then landing in his yard. 

Intially he kept away (he knew if mother squirrel would catch a whiff of human on her baby she’d drop him like a hot potato). Eventually the mother squirrel came around but left soon again, beleiving her baby was beyond saving.

This is when Decan stepped up and the baby squirrel moved in. 

Off to a Rocky Start

As you’d expect, the cat of the house (Tiger) was not happy at all upon seeing the new resident.

Not only would Tiger have to share his space with a stranger, this new fluffy thing looks an awful lot like what cats would normally prey on (a mouse of sorts.)

Cat Becomes Foster Dad to Rescued Squirrel

Somehow, somewhere along the line Tintin and Tiger’s relationship completely transformed. 

Tiger accepted Tintin, and proudly took on the role as foster dad to the rescued squirrel. It wasn’t before long you could spot him diligently protecting and caring for his new baby. 

The Video

YouTube video
“A house cat became the foster dad of an abandoned squirrel!”, Source: YouTube, Uploaded: Pawsome Tails

Wrapping Up

Who knew cats and squirrels could be such great friends? Life is full of surprises – and even more so when you lend a helping hand to fallen squirrels.

Thank you so much for reading this article about the cat that unexpectedly became the foster dad of this little rescued squirrel! Take a look at some other heartfelt rescue stories over here:

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