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Cow Living at Farm Sanctuary Has a Fifth Leg on His Head

cow has fifth leg
Image by Uncleneilshome via YouTube

Manny is a special cow – he has a fifth leg. Not only that, it’s attached to his head! It might seem like a disadvantage, but actually it’s probably what saved him from becoming a hamburger.

Manny’s Rescue Story

Manny’s life began on a beef farm, which normally would be a death sentence for any other cow. But in Manny’s case, the feature many would deem as his disability most probably is what saved his life – his fifth leg. 

Because of his fifth leg, a kind citizen (a friend of the farm owner) suspected the slaughterhouse wouldn’t accept him and made inquiries into sancturies that would take him in. 

This is when the lovely people at “Uncle Neil’s Home” took him in with open arms. 

His Fifth Leg Explained

cow has fifth leg
Image by Uncleneilshome via YouTube

So the most eye-catching feature, of course, is his fifth leg. Any cow with a fifth leg would raise eyebrows, but even more so when it’s attached to their head. 

Manny’s fifth leg is a case of polymelia. Polymeia is a rare congenital condition involving the presence of an extra limb. Polymelia occurs due to errors during the embryonic development process, where additional limb buds form and develop into fully formed limbs.

Getting to Know Manny

According to the sanctuary’s Instagram Manny quickly adjusted and loves his new home. 

They also discovered that his fave snack is bananas! He also enjoys a good brush (although he was hesitant at first, before beginning to trust his new carers.) 

Apparently he’s also a very vocal cow, and often mooos to get the attention of his fellow cow buddies. 

Meet Manny In This Video and Watch Him Eat Breakfast

YouTube video
“Breakfast date with Manny cow with 5 legs!”, Source: YouTube, Uploaded: Uncleneilshome

Cow With Fifth Leg: Wrapping Up

Manny’s story is quite an amazing one. What could maybe be seen as a weakness (or not really, he’s just different) essentially saved his life.

Thank you for reading this article about Manny, the cow with a fifth leg! For more rescue stories, take a look here:

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