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Scared Shelter Dog Finally Accepts Its First Treat

shelter dog accepts its first treat
Image by Rocky Kanaka via YouTube

This video captures the very first step of this shelter dog’s healing journey: he finally accepts his first treat.

How To Make Shelter Dogs Feel Safe

Rescue dogs often carry the burden of past traumas. Typically, they’ve mostly had bad experiences with humans which can make them skittish and distrustful. 

The magic word when it comes to making shelter dogs feel safe is patience – patience, patience and then some more patience. Also make sure that you act in a calm way with slow movements to make sure that you don’t overwhelm the dog

Doing everything at the dog’s pace and using treats as a form of positive reinforcement can also help ease their anxiety – just like the man in the video does. 

The Video

“Watch this shelter dog take his first treat”, Source: YouTube, Uploaded: Rocky Kanaka

The video starts with this scared little shelter dog by the name of Albert curled up, shaking of nervousness. Starting with some gentle pats and scratches, the man can eventually put him on his lap.

Albert is still nervous, but he seems okay with it. After a little more cuddling Albert finally accepts his first treat.

Although the treat is small, it’s a massive first step on his healing journey.

Common Traits Seen In Shelter Dogs

Homeless dogs in animal shelter cage.
Homeless dogs in animal shelter cage. By belchonock via DepositPhotos

The dog in the video displays many typical traits seen in rescued dogs. They will most probably display signs of nervousness such as trembling, avoidance of eye contact, and hesitant behavior – and understandably so.

There’s no way we can ever know what a shelter dog has been through, and it’s super important to understand that these nervous traits are not at all indications of bad behavior but rather reflections of previous negative experiences. 

How You Know That a Shelter Dog Is Beginning to Feel Safe

dog in shelter
Image by Alexas_Fotos via Pixabay

There are many ways a dog can show you that it’s slowly starting to trust you – it can be a gentle tail wag, accepting treats, or seeking affection.

Even though these are tiny actions, they’re signs of major breakthroughs! 

But again, remember to be patient. Don’t be discouraged if you’re not spotting any of these signs. The road towards recovery is a long one – but so so worth it when you get to hang out with a happy dog at the end. 

Shelter Dog Accepts Its First Treat: Wrapping Up

This video shows the amount of energy, love, and effort that goes into caring for shelter dogs. It’s definitely a big commitment, but you’ll be rewarded with unconditional love and cuddles – and what is better than that?

Thank you for reading this article about the shelter dog that accepts its first treat! For more adorable doggo stories, take a look here:

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