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WATCH Crocodile Snatches Electric Eel And Gets A Shocking Surprise

crocodile snatches electric eel
Image by ROBSVTFRANT via Youtube

Never would I ever think I would watch as a crocodile snatches an electric eel! These two are quite intimidating in their own ways. I would never want to come face to face with either. Who is the predator and who is the prey? Let’s jump in and try answer this question.

The Pre-Show

Crocodile with mouth open. Image via Deposit Photos

Unfortunately, we were not around for too long before seeing them get close, so we are not too sure who was stalking who in this unique situation. We arrive at the point where the croc has gotten very shallow, sticking its long snout out the waters edge. The eel on the other hand is also sticking out from the side of the water, they are not often seen doing this which makes me believe the croc was chasing the eel. Definitely hoping to get a tasty snack not realising the secret defense of an electric eel.

The Shocking Showdown

Electric Eel
Electric eel in Aqua. Image by yourth2007 via

Hence, the eel just chilling in front of the crocs powerful jaws, the croc lunges forward and clamps down on his prey. Undoubtedly, for a moment, the croc thinks its in charge, taking lead in this attack, controlling the eel and unleashing its rath.

The Tables Turn

American Crocodile
American Crocodile. By © Tomas Castelazo, / Wikimedia Commons, CC BY-SA 3.0,

Evidently, the eel realises it won’t just be able to wriggle out of this sticky situation and releases an unworldly electric shock. Then, the croc get a shock of its life as it felt like it was biting into a high powered voltage line. Correspondingly, it shook violently from being electrocuted.

The Escape Plan

Electric Eel
Electric eel (Electrophorus electricus). Image via Shutterstock

The croc being shocked to death, was frozen in place. The eel becoming the predator and the croc its prey. But unfortunately the croc was frozen solid still clamping its jaws around the eel. The eel, even though it defeated its opponent, was now stuck, once again trying to wriggle to safety

Electric Eel’s Shocking Defense Mechanism

Electric Eel
Electric eel hiding in vegetation in its habitat. Image via Depositphotos

Electric eels are renowned for their unique defense mechanism. Contrarily to their name, electric eels are not true eels. Furthermore, they are actually a type of knifefish. Evidently, they possess specialized cells called electrolytes that can generate electric charges. They deliver a high-voltage electric shock when threatened.

Wrapping Up with Crocodile Snatches Electric Eel And Gets A Shocking Surprise

YouTube video

Finally, this event is depicts a tale of an important message, to be used in everyday life. Evidently, the message to take away, is do not judge a book by its cover. You never know was secret dynamite comes in small packages and you can get humbled very quickly by life. Do not underestimate nature!

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